Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday Morning Rambles: A New Persona...

Good Morning my loves!!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful week.

I officially started at my new gym last week (woohoo) and I was so nervous. I have been so unbelievably anxious about this new opportunity which annoys me because I truly want to succeed but my Social Anxiety has been psyching me out. It feels like I am starting school all over again and it does not help that I am the oldest person there!

My friend Jess told me that I should play a character when I feel nervous which sounded a tad silly at the moment but now I am like “hmmm  maybe this will work”. I think spending time with a old friend this past weekend reaffirmed this idea. Him and I worked together at another gym and I have always considered him somewhat of a mentor. He is a great PT and has so much ambition which has helped him get promotion after promotion. I told him this weekend that I will emulate HIM at my new gym. I think he was all for this idea haha.

I better get over my anxiety before the new year…January is going to be INSANE at the gym. 

Do you suffer from Social Anxiety? How do you deal with  it?

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