Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Morning Rambles: Curve Ball

Good morning my loves! I hope you guys had a wonderful and SAFE weekend! It snowed on Saturday in NYC so the streets are a hot mess today. I am not a huge fan of the white stuff since I fall down, allll the time.

These past couple of weeks have been "interesting" to say it mildly. I was sick last week which is why I didn't post last Monday and then the Universe threw me a huge curve ball mid week. It is funny how are bodies respond to stress...I was starting to feel better but then on Friday, my body regressed and I felt like crap all over again.

I don't want to go into details with what is happening on my end but life can be challenging and sometimes it throws us off our A game but we need to focus on the big picture and keep on trucking.

I have been trying stay focused with my goals and making myself a priority which sometimes can feel a bit selfish but I have to remind myself that I AM important. If I don't put myself first, everything else around me will fall apart.

I have to be honest though, I have been feeling very overwhelmed lately. Which lead me to have some hiccups at work last week & I felt like breaking down but I snapped myself out of it. I am currently reading "You Are A Badass..." and this morning I felt like it was talking directly to me.

"The Big Snooze (ego) will do everything it can to stop you from changing and growing, especially since you're attempting to obliterate the very identity that you and everyone else has come to know as "you""- Jen Sincere

Yes, life can be shitty at times but we need to stay on course and the end will be much more rewarding. I won't be defeated! 


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