Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Morning Rambles: #BeFitAllYear Winner & My Psychic Encounter

Good Morning my loves! Can I get a "hallelujah" for this amazing Monday morning?! The sun is shining and the birds are chirping and I am ridiculously happy. So happy that two perfect strangers pointed it out this past weekend.

As you guys know, I meditate in the morning but I also pray when I am done. This morning when I prayed, I thanked God/Universe for having such a good week, last week. Nothing out of the ordinary happened but I just felt happy and I loved it.

Well, I guess something out of the ordinary did happen....

This Saturday I went to do my taxes and when I got off the train, I was not sure of which direction to walk so I asked this older man. He was sitting on the bench and asked me to come over. He said that he could tell that I was a very open individual and that my career was based on helping people. He mentioned that he could see this from my forehead (third eye chakra). He then proceeded to write something on a piece of paper and folded it and placed it in my hand. He then asked me to pick three flowers and I chose "lily, rose, and daisy" and then asked me to pick two from those three and I said "lily and daisy". Then told me to pick a number and I chose 7. He instructed me to look at the paper in my hand and it was "Rose 7"! 

He also knew that I had surgery in 2014 as well as some other things in my life. When I was leaving, he wrote something else on a piece of paper and placed it in my hand. He then told me to choose three numbers from 9-13 and I chose 10, 11, 12. Then he asked me to add those three numbers which I did and it came to "33" which wasnthe thing he wrote on the paper. He said that in 33 days, I would have good fortune! 

I have always believed in psychics and this encounter was not wasted on me. 

I am not a psychic (per say) but I do know who won my #BeFitAllYear Giveaway and that is Tricia who tweeted "Hoping this gets me an entry in the giveaway??? and

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