Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Morning Rambles: #NutritionSpringCleaning

Happy Monday my loves and happy first week of Spring! Granted I did wake up to some snow...le sigh.  It is that time of year to open the windows and let the breeze in while you clean your home and listen to some good tunes.

But what about "cleaning up" your nutrition as well? I don't know about you but I get excited when the weather gets a bit warmer (don't confuse this with the summer, which me no likey) because fruits and veggies just taste better. I can't wait to bite into a fresh juicy strawberry or making a crunch salad for dinner.

Which brings me to my #NutritionSpringCleaning!

I want to make a conscious effort to eat more WHOLE foods and less processed junk. Is this a cleanse? Nope. I just know that lately I have been more lax with my decision making when it comes to food and I want to clean it up a bit. I went through my fridge and cabinets over the weekend and tossed some things out to make this process a little easier for myself. This morning after the gym, I ran to the supermarket to get all
my goodies!

Look at these beauties!

Last night I made a delicious dinner...brown rice, grilled chicken with onions and pepper, and greens on the side

Also, I want to only eat out once a week (treat meal). I have been working so much that sometimes I find it simpler to order some food on Seamless a couple of times a week but we all know that making your meals at home is the best decision.

This morning, I did my Angel Card reading and I pulled the "Perfect Timing" card which is a clear message that this is the time to get my sh*t together. Ha.


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