Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday Morning Rambles: Let's Get Juicing & New Tattoo

Good morning my loves!!!! I hope you guys are having a wonderful Monday....

Remember last week I was asking for a juicer recommendations? Well after doing some research and two different people recommending the Brand that I was eyeing..I bit the bullet and finally purchased it on amazon!  

Honestly, I was on the fence about making this huge (for me) purchase but then my friend recommended Jason Vale for recipes and after looking him up, I saw that he was starting a 5 day challenge (starting today) and I knew that was a sign from the Universe.  I went to the supermarket over the weekend and stocked up for the next 5 days. It looks like a garden lol

I started my morning with a Ginger Shot and after my workout I made a Turbo with Kick Green Juice. Right now I am enjoying the Natural Energizer green juice...

This past Saturday I was meditating and when I was done; it hit me that I had to get a new tattoo and instantly knew what it had to be.

I suffer from so much anxiety and hate that it tends to hold me back from experiencing new things & stepping out of my comfort zone. Which is why I was drawn to the quote "What if I Fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?by Erin Hanson the minute that I heard it. Whenever I doubt myself, I repeat this quote in my head and now I have a constant reminder....

Make sure to check out my vlog below...


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