Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday Morning Rambles: Focus On What You CAN Do (& Kindness Challenge)...

Good Morning my loves!!!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine consisted of working, errands, and doctor's visits.

If you follow on me on my social media platforms, you probably already know what is going on with my foot so I won't bore you with the details but thankfully, I got a cortisone shot on Saturday. Hopefully that helps and I have a follow up visit in two weeks. I must say that even though this has been a shitty experience,  all my doctors and technicians have been so awesome!

Obviously I still need to take it easy which sort of sucks because of work AND  I am right in the middle of the Oxygen Challenge. I am trying to remain positive and not focus on the things that I can't do. I can't do box jumps but I CAN do step ups..I can't run but I CAN spin. It is all about shifting our mindset and concentrating on what we are capable of doing. This little setback won't deter me.

Speaking of the Oxygen is going so great. Every week, Christmas challenges us and I am really feeling it. The other morning, I woke up and every single muscle on my back was sore and I absolutely love it! I looked ahead to next month and I am nervous but excited of what new milestones I will conquer. This is my second time participating in the Oxygen challenge and I highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a new workout regimen. If you are self motivated, you will love it.

Check out my vlog below for even more rambles AND a little challenge that I have for YOU. I want each and everyone one of you to do something kind for someone else this week.

Have a beautiful week!!!!!


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