Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday Morning Rambles: I'm a TRX Trainer

Goooooood Morning my loves...I hope you are having a wonderful Monday morning and had an even better weekend.

This weekend, I added one more credential to my resume...I am now a TRX coach as well!

I have been a huge fan of suspension training for many years and lucky enough that my gym offers in-house training. I have "boot leg" TRX straps at home and use them at least once a week for my own workouts. I am eager to share just one more tool with my clients to help them reach their fitness goals.

The workshop was all day Saturday and my hamstrings were on fire at one point but I had a blast. Two of my coworkers also went which made a little less nervous.

In the beginning of the class, they made us go around the room and introduce ourselves and I could feel my nerves taking over and my body was shaking like a leaf (I ALWAYS fear this part of any class etc.) At one point, I had to cross my hands so no one can see them shaking ha.

All in all it was a great class and our instructor was awesome which made the day fly by.

Do you like suspension training? What is your favorite move?


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