Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday Morning Rambles: Sharing My Love For Yoga With Kids....

Gooooood morning my loves!  I hope you guys are staying cool during this ridiculous soul sucking, chest suffocating, grave stomping heat wave.  Have I mentioned how much I loathe the summer....the only shining moment is my birthday, which was ahhhhhmazing. My family went out of their way to make my day very special...I am a lucky girl.

So this past week, I did something completely out of my comfort zone. A few weeks ago, someone reached out to me on Instagram and she wanted to know if I would be able to come to her inner city summer camp and teach the kids yoga. My first instinct was to say "No". One reason is because the thought of me being in front of people freaks me the f out (thanks social anxiety...thanks) and second because I swore that I would never teach yoga.

For the past 10 years people have always asked me "Why don't you become a yoga teacher" and my answer was always the same "Yoga is very personal for me". I was always scared that if I began to teach it, it would feel like work and my love for it would fade.

I am glad that I didn't let these feelings stop me from this opportunity because after some soul searching and advice from my friend, Shandel who is a yoga teacher in Canada...I said "yes". I made sure to let her know that technically I am not a yoga teacher and thankfully they were okay with that.

I prepared for a couple of weeks; I even picked up a used book that my friend recommended which was so helpful.

I headed to the school on Friday with my programs (I was teaching three different groups), yoga mat, music, and of course my singing bowl.

Guys, it was amazing. The kids were so great and eager to learn and I can tell that they were having a blast. I was a little nervous with the first group but within 10 minutes, my fears melted away and I soaked up every single moment.

After I left, I knew that I wanted MORE of this feeling and began researching Yoga Teacher Training for kids. I came across Little Flower Yoga and immediately applied for a partial scholarship. I am putting it out into the Universe that I will get accepted.

I want to go into more schools and various programs and share my love of Yoga with these beautiful souls. We all know that there is a stereotype of what a "yogi" looks like and I want to go into the school in my community and break down those cliche's. I want them to see that someone who looks like them does Yoga and hopefully I can inspire one kid.

I am  a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and this encounter was the universe guiding me into my next journey.

I will be taking my journey with a new travel companion...check out my new elephant, Roxie! I am so in love!

Make sure to check out my vlog below where I share a little story from Friday....


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