Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday Morning Rambles: Light As A Feather...

For the past month or so, I have been seeing feathers. Feathers on the ground when I am walking, feathers when I catch the bus, feathers on the subway platform. I have always felt that when a feather appeared, it meant that my angels were close to me.

I didn't think anything of it until yesterday. After Sunday morning yoga classes, a lecture is always held and yesterday's lecture focused on "Lightening Up". Now, you may be asking what does lightening up have to do with angels... a lot actually.

Yesterday I discovered that we have not one but TWO guardian angels. These angels have been with us since the beginning of our creation (sorry if you don't believe in this) and their job is to help us feel lighter. Sometimes you hear a little voice in your head that tell you to walk a different way to work or perhaps just to stay home; and later on you find out that making that decision protected you are from harm. Well that little voice was your angel looking out for you. Sometimes we tend to ignore that voice but we need to be more in tune with our higher self so that we can be guided in our right path.

One way that I communicate with my guardian angels is through my Angel Cards...granted, some days I think they are on crack because I have no idea what they are trying to convey to me.

What are some other way to lighten up?
  • Develop your intuition 
  • Learn the lesson that Karma is trying to teach you so that you can remove the burden
  • Pray..pray for things that you want. It is not selfish to ask for things..the world is full of abundance
  • Balance...find the balance between work and play (this is something that I need to work on) 
  • Create a positive attitude instead of reacting to a negative one
  • Eliminate people and things that do not bring you joy. Send them on their way with love and light.

Below is an image that breaks down what various colored feathers can mean....

Watch my vlog below where I discuss about the lecture...


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