Monday, August 1, 2016

Monday Morning Rambles: The Positive Dog

Good morning my loves!

You guys know that I love love love to start my day with a good book so imagine how excited I was when my fitness manager, Gwen (she is so great!) told us that we would be starting a book club. I wish everyone was as excited as me but le sigh haha. I think since most of the trainers are much younger...they don't fully "get it" but I am sure they will. I think different people come into your life to teach you a lesson and maybe that is why Gwen was transferred to our gym...

The first book on our list is The Positive Dog: A Story About The Power Of Positivity 

A book about being positive aaaaand it involves dogs....I am in. It is a simple read and I'm already more than half way done. 

 The book begins with two dogs in a shelter, one is named Matt who happens to be a Debbie downer and the other dog is Bubba who is happy & positive and determined to change Matt's outlook on life. Throughout the book, Bubba gives Matt some life lesson on how to change his perception.

This weekend I applied one of the lessons to my life. 

Many of us start our day with "I have to go to work" or "I have to run errands".  Instead we should be saying "I get to go to work"  since we should be grateful that we have a job.  Well anyways, I did that this weekend and let me tell you....I had a WONDERFUL day at the gym. Not only did I make some sales (which is always nice) but I also had the opportunity to bond with my coworker, Angie. It was really great to connect with her and find out that we a lot of things in common. 

I want to share a little excerpt from the book with you

"One dog loves the rain; the other dog hates it. Their perspectives determine their thoughts, feelings, and, ultimately, how they act for the rest of the day. It’s like that with everything in life. How we perceive people, events, and situations determines our reality. That’s why I often say that we don’t live our lives based on reality. Nope. We live our lives based on our perspective and our perception of reality.”

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