Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Morning Rambles: Be Flexibile...

Good Morning loves! It is a gorgeous morning here in NYC...Fall has definitely arrived and I welcome it with open arms.

I had another educational weekend at my Yoga Teacher Training, which included a lot of Triangle/Trikonasana poses (demonstrating a variation below)....

Triangle can look so simple but it takes a lot to maneuver your body into need to focus on your chest, pelvis, hips, ribs....the list goes on and on. It just shows me that I need to be consistent with my practice and not be beat myself up because I am always learning.

Speaking of not being hard on myself...this weekend I learned that I have to be more flexible, OFF THE MAT.

As you know: I love my routine...sometimes to a fault. This weekend in philosophy, Mokshapriya asked us "What is stopping you from meditating" and I couldn't really think of anything because I try to stay consistent with my routine. If I had to choose one thing, it would be that I am lazy. When I say lazy, I mean that sometimes I want to stay in bed a bit more and hit snooze one too many times and when I do wake up, I am running around my apartment like a chicken with its head cut off.

She pointed out that, it isn't about me being lazy but the fact that I am such a slave to my routine and don't leave any wiggle room for change. This confused me because I thought one of the main things about being a Yogi is discipline (tapas). She reminded me that yes, I do need to be disciplined but I need to be open to hear God at any moment.

I applied it to my routine this morning and was pleasantly surprised. I usually meditate and follow it with  prayer and then choose an Angel Card for the day but I changed it up a bit (which I wasn't planning to do).

I set my alarm to meditate for fifteen minutes and two minutes into it, something inside of me told me to pray first and then grab a card. Normally I would have ignored this little voice but thankfully today I listened.

Check out my video below to see what my Angels said to me about my studies and how I need to be more careful about what I put out into the Universe ...

(I am little sick today so it took a bit for my thoughts to come together but I hope you take a moment to watch) 

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