Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday Morning Rambles: Big News & The Power of Words...

Good morning my loves! (big news is below)

Last week Mokshapriya (my teacher) asked me to come in to have a little chat about certain things. One on one time with her is special to me but to say that I wasn't nervous, is a lie ha.

I arrived to the Ashram and after a sweet embrace, it was down to business. Mokshapriya pulled up my website and pointed to my tag line "A NYC girl trying to find her Zen" and grunted "What is this? Why are trying to find your zen...why haven't you put into action what I have taught you?"

She explained, that me putting the word "trying" sets it up that I will never achieve my zen because I am putting this word into the Universe. She then proceeded to look at my post from last week in which I spoke about the all or nothing mentality and how "Lately I have been struggling with this way of thinking...".  She reminded me that using a powerful word such as "struggling" only invites more struggle into various aspects of my life. 

She is absolutely right (duh Mariette) and with that my tagline is now "A NYC Girl Enjoying Her Zen" which is a play on words since my kitty is named Zen ha.

That was just the beginning of our talk...

When we were approaching our final weeks of our 200 hours, a couple of my classmates asked Mokshapriya if she would consider doing a 500 hours program. Initially we were supposed to be her last class and she was going to retire from Yoga teacher teaching. After some convincing and sad puppy dog faces; she conceded. I wanted to participate but felt that right now, it perhaps would not occur. 

Last week we discussed my concerns & the reasons why I thought I wouldn't be able to participate. After some tears and smiles...I am ecstatic to say that starting next week, my 500 Yoga Teacher Training journey will begin. My sister is so sweet and already gifted me the additional text book that I will need for my classes!

This will be an intense and beautiful life changing year which scares and excites me at the same time...such is life. 



  1. I love this! Congratulations, my darling, and this be the beginning of an incredible new chapter of your life story! Such an inspiration, YOU are. Love you, God bless you- Muah! Namaste sister x

    1. Thanks so much sweetie...this year will be wonderful and I am so excited

  2. Love the new tag line!! So fitting, it has dual meaning! So proud of and happy for you for going after your dreams!! Love you!

    1. Thanks sweetie! I can't wait to see you later this month and celebrate all the amazing things happening in our lives

  3. So excited that we are continuing this journey together my yogi sister love this so happy for you ❤

    1. The fact that you are doing it as well, is the cherry on top! You are stuck with me lol


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