Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Day Without A Woman ...

I don't usually post during the middle of the week but I wanted to take a moment to speak about my experience yesterday and what it meant to me to be part of this movement. At first, I felt guilty that I had to work but then I remembered "Hey you are empowering women, which is what today is all about". 

After meeting with clients, I reached out to a couple of friends and my sister to see who wanted to join me and head into the city. Thankfully my friend Tara was planning on going as well so we went together. It actually worked out pretty great since we both weren't able to attend the Women's March a couple of months ago because we started our 500 classes that day and I remember us saying that the next time, "WE WILL BE THERE". 

First we headed to Central Park for the afternoon rally and then we all marched together to Trump International Hotel...the crowd was small but we were loud! We chanted and made our voices heard. Every time that someone would enter the establishment we would chant "Boycott Trump" or "NY Hates Trump" as well as other things but I will keep this PG rated. I am sure that there must be a picture of me floating around the internet with my middle fingers pointed straight up

We then headed over to Washington Square Park for the rally at 4 PM...we arrived early to secure a good spot. We enjoyed a band playing music while we soaked up the sun and watched strangers coming together to dance. It was a beautiful moment.

While we were sitting there, I was approached by a Spanish news channel to comment on the events of the day but I kindly declined because I didn't want to embarrass myself with my "spanglish".  (I did see myself on the news, dancing ha)

The rally began a little after four and the energy was amazing. The speakers all had different stories to tell, different struggles to share but we were all there for one purpose, for WOMEN. An older lady standing near us, reminded us that when she was our age, women needed permission to open up their own bank account. 

I am not blind to the fact that we were all there because right now things are scary in our country but I have to be honest, all I felt yesterday was love and pride. Love for all these women who stood up and spoke their truth and Pride to be part of this community that will not silently stand in the corner while our rights are taken away. We are here and you WILL see us. 

Check out my video below where I speak more about my experience as well as sharing a couple of videos that I captured...


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