Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday Morning Rambles: Declutter & Grow....

This Saturday we had one of the founding members of our school come and teach us a very informative workshop. Marianne and Mokshapriya started our school in 1998 and it was great to finally be taught by Marianne as well.

On Saturday we learned how to assist and adjust our students without causing them discomfort. She reminded us that we are not only adjusting their physical body but to also remember that our energy is also involved. Marianne is like the "Encyclopedia Britannica" of Yoga and it was wonderful to be in her presence and soak it all in.

Yesterday was ahhhhhmazing because we had Mokshapriya for the entire day. She started the morning with a lecture on "Let go & Let Live". She decided to speak on this topic around this time of year because people like the idea of Spring Cleaning.  

First we need to begin with the physical...take stock of your home. Look at the things in your space and ask yourself these questions "Do I love it? Do I need it? Do I use it? Does it bring me joy? Does it have positive memories?"

If you answered no to these question, get rid of it. The more items you have in your home, the more you are holding yourself back from growing AND for allowing new things to enter your life. Remember that EVERYTHING in your home has energy, so toss the things that don't serve you anymore.
Once you are done with the is time to begin letting go of the emotional. 

This was the tricky part for me. I asked Mokshapriya how can I let go of the anger of someone hurting me in the past and forgive them so that I can move on. She told me that first I need to forgive myself for allowing this person to cause me pain and once I do that, I need to forgive them as well. The forgiveness is not for them but for myself so that I am be capable of growing and inviting something new to enter my life. If I still hold onto the resentment; I am allowing them to continue to  hurt me. I need to work on this and remember not to judge myself in the process...

Yesterday afternoon we played a little "game". 

Mokshapriya had index cards with various asanas written on them (in sanskriit and english). We had to randomly pick a card and then direct the class on how to get into the pose and out of it, safely.  She instructed the class to only do what the person said and it was a great learning experience because you can truly see how important your words are. If she would have done this game a few months ago: I would have been a nervous wreck but yesterday I felt confident. For the most part, I think that I did pretty well it was great to get some feedback for my classmates.


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