Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday Morning Rambles: Your Intuition Has Your Back and Yoga Day...

Happy Monday my Loves! I know I always say this, but damn I had another great weekend. So good that as I type this, I am blasting some good tunes and just dancing it out. It is one of those days that if you catch me walking down the street, I am sun gazing and touching every beautiful tree that crosses my path...

The weekend started with a LIYA workshop that I attended: Accessing Your Core & Intuitive Self Through Yoga Practice and Teaching; which was taught by Jeff Migdow who is a Holistic M.D. Reiki Master, and Yoga & Wellness Teacher. The minute that I walked into the space and saw him; I instantly knew that it was going to be a great workshop. He spoke of so many things and shared many anecdotes such as being in college in the sixties and also made pop culture references like Seinfeld and The Office which made him more of a "real" person if that makes any sense.

Midgow spoke about our Chakras and how we can think of their energy as television channel frequencies and most people are tuned into 2 stations. Those two being the Root Chakra and the Sacral Chakra…they can jump up to the other “channels” but they tend to always come back to these two. He then had shared the mantras related to each Chakra which we would use later on with our Asanas.

When he spoke about intuition, he asked the class how they knew it was their intuition and not something else speaking to them. For me, it’s always that little voice in my head that says things like “stay home” or “call mommy” and when I do, I was happy that I listened. He suggested that we do small tests when we hear our intuition speak to us. Instead of ignoring it, do what it says and see if the outcome is positive; which it usually is. The best way to hear your intuition is to be quiet so you are able to receive the messages. Yoga is all about bringing awareness inside ourselves and being fully present which assists in quieting the mind.

We did asanas twice; once with just movement and pranayama and then we did it with movement, pranayama, and mantras which correlated with the chakras. This was the first time that I have ever done this and I loved it. When you are so focused on combining all three of these aspects of yoga together, your mind has no choice but to be present.

A little back story, I have been wanting to go to Kripalu for many many years, and listening to him teach, was like Kripalu came to me and reinforced that I need to make my way there…I must listen to my intuition and finally go visit (I need to start a Kripalu fund haha)

Speaking of places that I need to be; yesterday I needed to be only in one special place. My beautiful Ashram! Yesterday was Yoga Community Day and I was there the entire day, learning, helping, and sharing my love of yoga. The energy in the classes was electric and it was so great to see so many new happy faces.  We had classes every hour which included raffles (free yoga for a month!) and a delicious lunch was served as well.

One of my favorite parts of the day besides connecting with old and new friends was watching a variety of teachers, guiding their classes. It is nice to see other teaching styles. One of them had this flow that I just absolutely loved...I need to make it to more of her classes. Music is a must when I practice and teach and her music fused perfectly with her asanas. It was a good day.

In my video below, I share how listening to my intuition almost 15 years ago, changed the entire course of my life. (8:27 Mark)

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