Monday, May 15, 2017

Monday Morning Rambles: Exciting News...

Happy belated Mother's Day to alllll the amazing mothers out there...that includes moms, furbaby moms, step moms, foster moms, grandma's, god moms, and mother figures!

I am blessed enough to not only be a mom to Zen and Koko (passed away a few years ago) but I am also a godmother to three children in my family..the first of course being homefries. Every year, homefries gives me a gift and this year she gifted me a gorgeous frame with her senior year photo (8th Grade) and she also gave me a Alex and Ani bracelet which is perfect for me!
On one side it has two feathers and the moon in the center; I love feathers so much because it means that an angel is near by. On the back of the charm it says "Godspeed" in the center with "Journey, Grace, and Blessings" surrounding it.

Speaking of journey and blessings...remember last week I hinted about challenging myself during the week and stepping out of my comfort zone?

This yoga journey has been incredible and I am excited to share with y'all that starting this summer, I will be teaching yoga at my gym!

Auditions were held last week for various locations and all types of classes. The process was scary but I taught from my heart and left the rest to the Universe...(I speak more about it on vlog)

Saturday I went out to eat with coworkers/friends. It is always wonderful to surround yourself with people who support you and make you better. All four of us have our own strengths and we come together to share our knowledge as well as laughter. Where do 4 people who are in the health and fitness industry go to eat? Bare Burger of course! We also enjoyed some dessert at a local bakery...balance people.  
Angie, Myself, Leon, and Bryan

Check out my video below to hear more about the audition process and why it reminded me of a first date!


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