Monday, May 1, 2017

Monday Morning Rambles: Expectations vs. Reality & My Advice on Friendships...

Have you ever heard the joke "If you want to make God laugh...Tell him your plans". It is so true and I was reminded about it twice this weekend.

On Saturday I represented my Yoga School at a Health Expo in a local high school. The day prior, my friend Tara came over to practice our asanas...we were supposed to teach two relaxation classes during the course of the day. We arrived to the school early Saturday morning with my niece (Homefries) to set everything up and we were excited to get started. As the day progressed we came to realize that the turnout was not as good as we hoped. Instead of becoming bummed out about this, we made the best of the day and we gave our love of Yoga to those who attended.
Yesterday we had a guest speaker at the Ashram and I was under impression that the class was going to be about the Yamas and Niyamas but I was mistaken. Instead Helen had us break into small groups and she assigned an Asana to each group. We had to brainstorm and think of various words that came to mind when we thought of this specific group was creative. We had "Half Moon" and for me, half moon represents a balance between grace and strength..finding your foundation first and then floating up.

Even though this was not the lecture I was expecting, it still was a great class. Helen mentioned that she also had a different expectation for the class but it turned out just as good.

We always have expectations of how things are supposed to be but God/Universe knows what is best and sometimes it is not what we expected. The trick is to remember that everything is happening just as it is supposed to be.
Speaking of things happening just as they should...I want to speak about friendships.

I want to give you guys one small piece of advice. Cultivate friendships with people who make you a better person and bring out the best in you. I have made some new friendships these past couple of years and these people are in my life for a reason.  They are making me evolve into the person that I hope to be. I have also lost some friendships along the way but I remind myself that those people served a purpose in my life and I thank them for what they taught me.

Remove toxic relationships and make room for new "shiny happy people" but make sure to keep the good people in your life...even if they are far. 


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