Monday, August 28, 2017

Monday Morning Rambles: Trust and Fly...

Last week I finally tried something that I've been wanting to do for about a year but always let fear stop me...Anti Gravity Yoga. Thankfully I have a studio a couple of miles away, that specializes in this so I didn't have to go too far for my adventure.

Mint is a cute juicery and studio...I absolutely loved the decor when I walked in. 
"Bringing together the words, Mindfully, Innovating, Natural, Transformation, MINT is a life-style concept store located in Rego Park, Queens. We have brought in a variety of goodies, from Avocado Coffee, inspired from Vietnam, to Christopher Harrison's AntiGravity® Fitness." 

I was tempted to sit down and have some goodies but class was about to start and eating right before, would have been a HUGE mistake.

I attended the Cocooning Meditation class which was led by the owner, Kammy.  Kammy is extremely knowledgeable and I was in "awe" of how she took control of the hammock. The studio itself was very intimate and welcoming. I particularly liked that the space held a limited amount of students; I think with a bigger class it wouldn't be as safe. When taking a class like this, you want to be in eye view of the teacher to secure your safety.

Before the class began, Kammy explained the various cues that she would give me throughout the next hour; she took her time to demonstrate and explain everything. We started by going inside the hammock and letting it sway from side to side while we focused on our breath. She then lead me through a little vinyasa flow which incorporated the hammock and then...

She uttered the words "we are now going to go into inversions". Ya'll I was not prepared for this...I thought that since it was a meditation class, it would be more relaxing. Then I remembered the 8 limbs of yoga and before you can reach meditation, you must practice your asanas first. 

I am so grateful that Kammy was very patient with me because I was terrified of going upside down. A couple of times, I freaked out and would bring my hands to the ground. She kept reminding me to trust her, trust that I was secure, and above all trust myself. The latter was the hardest part. I didn't trust myself, I didn't think that I was strong enough to do this. 

Thankfully she didn't give up on me...

(note to self: don't wear low cut shirt haha)

I absolutely loved when we cocooned ourselves back in the hammock and began to meditate. Whenever I meditate at home, my goal is to feel as if I am not in my body and feel like I am floating...this mimicked that sensation and it was amazing. With each inhale and exhale I could feel my body rhythmically move as if it were drifting in the ocean. I didn't feel heavy.

I definitely want to go back for more classes so that I can feel more confident and begin to fly...

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