Monday, October 16, 2017

Monday Morning Rambles: Mapping Life Goals & The Queens Bookshop...

This weekend was filled with so many good for the soul moments...

On Saturday, I attended a LIYA Workshop "Time Management for Yogis" with Joshua M. Greene

We started the afternoon by Mapping out our Life, 5 Year, and 6 Month goals. We first started with our life goals and then worked our way down. For each list, we had 3 minutes to write down everything that came to mind without censoring ourselves.  We started to chip away on our goals to focus on just one and then we had to write practical things that would get us closer to it. We then had to remove things from our list that we weren't willing to spend 5 minutes on during this week. After the exercise was done, I was honestly scared to see my goal written on paper and what I needed to do to achieve it. It's funny how our dreams can scare us.

We then spoke about journaling and Joshua shared some tips with us; these are a few of my favorites:
Don't only journal when things are going bad in your life...share the good times too
Be true to yourself when writing in your journal; be raw and unapologetic (don't write as if someone else is reading it)
Always keep your notebook with you so you can jot down whatever comes to mind
Write down your dreams
Put pen to paper (don't use technology) 

We ended the workshop with discussing daily practices...the takeaway from this was "keep it simple". Your daily practice should be something that you are able to do daily.

On Sunday, I spent the perfect afternoon with my friend Angie. A couple of years ago, they closed the last Barnes and Nobles in my area and we were down to just one book store in Queens. One.Bookstore. Let that sink in for a moment. How sad is that? 
About a year ago, I remember hearing on the news that a couple of the employees from the B&N that closed wanted to bring a book store back to the neighborhood and they did! I was so excited to hear that their dream came true aaaand that it is so close to my home. 

I know that online shopping is so convenient (shoot, me and my UPS driver basically have a love affair from all the packages that he brings me) but shopping local is just as important. I was able to have quality human interaction with my friend, the owner of the bookstore, and the other patrons. Also, I am supporting a local business that had a dream and made it f*cking happen. As a girl that dreams of one day having her own studio...I admire these women so much.

And ya'll, look how adorable The Queen Bookshop is...

Speaking of dreams...Angie asked me what I am doing to achieve the goal of owning my own studio and I gave her the most yogi answer and we both cracked up in the restaurant. Watch the video below to hear my "plan"


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