Monday, December 4, 2017

Monday Morning Rambles: A "Brilliant" Workshop

This weekend was the end of an era...the Long Island Yoga Association had their final workshop. LIYA was founded 29 year ago by Marianne who was also co-founded my Yoga Teacher Training with Mokshapriya, 19 year ago.

The workshop began with Roxanne (the current president of LIYA) giving an emotional speech...there wasn't a dry eye in the room. We then had a 3 hour Workshop which was taught by Jennifer Brilliant. This was my first time meeting and taking a class with Jennifer and I was pleasantly surprised.

Jennifer was extremely funny and charismatic and made the workshop very enjoyable. She started her career as a professional dancer and it's very evident in her teaching..she made all the poses look effortless even though she joked that it' so annoying when teachers do this in class while you are struggling to get into a pose ha.

Let's be honest, a three hour workshop could drag but that was not the case with her. Did I mention that she uses a phrase "Tits to the Wind" which I absolutely loved. Sometimes, teachers make Yoga classes so serious (and sometimes it should be) but this was so enjoyable and I laughed so much. I will be making my way to Brooklyn to take one of her classes for sure.

After the workshop, LIYA hosted a lunch which was ahhhhhmazing...I am still dreaming about the food.

And like they say..."let them eat cake", which we did 
Roxanne and Marianne

Check out my vlog below where I share some clips of the event (5:07 mark)


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