Monday, January 15, 2018

On The Mat With Mari: Killer Clowns, Girls Night, & New Years Yoga/Meditation Event

I had a jam (yums, I could go for some strawberry jam right now) packed weekend which was filled with so much fun, laughter...and of course Yoga!

On Saturday, I ran errands, taught yoga and then came back home to take a nappy nap because my homie Angie was coming over for dinner. I made yet another tasty recipe and I was nervous because it looked nothing like their video but thankfully it tasted really good! We paired it with Parmesan crusted string beans and Angie made mashed cauliflower.
We also watched "IT" and y'all, I was not prepared. I remember seeing the "made for TV" version back in the 80's and of course it was PG but this one...this one was like "okay, we are going to scare the shIT out of people". It was a perfect evening.

The perfection continued onto Sunday when I attended a Yoga event at one of my favorite places on earth...Yogashakti! First, Mokshapriya lead a yoga class, followed by a beautiful Meditation, and then we had a feast!

Photos Courtesy of Yoga With Chloe (or like I like to call her "Chlo Chlo")

It was such a wonderful weekend and guess what? I brought you along with my vlog below!


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