Monday, January 22, 2018

On The Mat With Mari: What's My Name?!

This weekend something very special happened, my teacher initiated me. "Initiated you? What the heezy are you speaking about Mari?" Basically what this means, is that now she is my spiritual guide...she will assist me during my spiritual path. Part of the private ceremony included her giving me a name as well as a personal mantra. The mantra is private but let just tell you that when she gave it to me, I began to cry because it was perfect.

I am able to share the my name...

Before the naming ceremony began; we sat and spoke about my goals in life and what do I want to achieve and I kept it simple "I want to be happy and help people along the way" which is true. The reason I chose my professions is because I want to help people live a better life but not just my clients. I want to help people that I don't even know in the street.

So back to my name...

So after we spoke about my goals and what are the things holding me back etc.; she told me my name "Subhadra" which means Source of Great Welfare...uhm isn't that perfect? She already had this typed up before I told her my goals in life.
She also gifted me a Mala to use daily when I say my mantra during my japa meditation, as well as a journal for my gratitude list. But there is a catch..but of course ha. She knows that I already write a gratitude list every morning but in this one, I have to start writing things about myself that I am grateful for...this is going to be tricky. I am not one to boast about myself so this will be out of my comfort zone for sure.

Check out my vlog below to hear more about the ceremony, as well as some of my favorite Trader Joe's items aaaand a new falafel recipe!

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