Monday, February 5, 2018

On The Mat With Mari: Happy 40th, Einstein!

Ya'll I have been keeping a secret from you guys for a little over a month and it has been haaaard, especially since I pretty much live my life on social media and I could not post anything about it.

So what was this big secret? My mom, niece, sister's boyfriend, and myself have been planning a surprise 40th birthday party for her!

We decided to have a 70's theme party since she was born in 1978 and it worked out perfectly, from the beautiful cake from Hanolicakes to the wonderful music that made us dance the night away (my feet still hurt) from DJ O

My mom and myself worked very hard to pull this party off and it was all worth it, just to see her face when she walked in the hall and saw everyone gathered together to celebrate this special day with her.

I had one more trick up my sleeve to complete the night of surprises. Our friend, Gigi flew in from Texas for just one night and my sister's reaction was priceless! If you are new to my site, Gigi and I have been bestfriends for 24 years....

Check out my video below to watch all the fun!

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