Wednesday, May 23, 2018

On The Mat With Mari: How Is She Already 15 Years Old?!

When I first started this site, my niece was around 5 years old. I remember begging my sister after a few months, if I could finally share her photos with you, and in May of 2009...the world met "Homefries"...

Through the years. you have watched her take yoga classes, flip boys in Karate, perform on Broadway...and above all, be a wonderful kid. But this kid, is slowly becoming a young woman and this weekend we celebrated her 15th birthday....

Homefries decided that she wanted to spend her 15th Birthday by going to Mom's in Astoria...did I mention that she was a very intelligent teenager. Mom's has incredible food and just typing this; makes my mouth water at the thought of their chicken and waffle which I enjoyed profusely this weekend. We might just have to go back in July for my birthday...nooooms. Did I mention that they were named the "Best new restaurant in Astoria", which is quite an accomplishment because that place is filled with amazing cuisine....

Check out my video below to see all the deliciousness (4:18 mark) as well as some new PR's

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