Sunday, June 10, 2018

On The Mat With Mari: What Did I Really Think of "Hello Fresh"...

The other morning when I was getting ready for work, I had NY1 on in the background and I remember getting excited when they teased the story "Hello Fresh will soon be available in Supermarkets". I jumped in the shower and didn't hear what supermarkets but just assumed that it would be Whole Foods because they always get all the cool sh*t. Unfortunately I don't go to WF's often so I kicked rocks.

Well I was wrong! I went grocery shopping at Stop & Shop on Friday morning and the moment that I walked in, I saw the huge display and my heart skipped a beat. I have been dying to try a meal kit delivery service for a while but honestly I wasn't ready to make the commitment (I believe that you have to subscribe to it but I could be wrong) and I was also scared that it wouldn't taste good. I have been seeing them all over youtube on my favorite vlogs but most of the time,the vlogs are sponsored and I don't know how authentic their reviews truly are.

I grabbed a kit and skipped home instead of kicking rocks...but what did I think of it after I tasted it?

I freaking loved it! (again.not.sponsored.) The instructions were very clear and mostly everything that I needed was in the kit. I do recommend that you read the box thoroughly because I assumed that everything would be in there but I needed to have my own oil and butter which thankfully I did have and crisis was adverted (first world problems).

The main reason that I chose the meatloaf kit was because I knew that I would be lifting heavy the next morning and I wanted the carbs from the potatoes and the carrots but did it work?

Check out my vlog below to see if I hit any PR's today. Also, I share why I have been MIA and why the recent tragedies urged me to grab my camera and connect with you guys.

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