Monday, September 10, 2018

On The Mat With Mari: Hitting An Accidental PR!?!

Fun fact about me, math has always been my nemesis. I have vivid memories of myself crying in class during math exams and trying to keep down my sniffling so none of my classmates would hear me.

Well once again math has failed me or wait did I fail math? I kid, I actually summer school.

This past Saturday was my heavy (for me) lift day for squats and deadlifts. I have come to the realization that lifting 215 for more than a one rep max, is not happening right now...but I started to wonder "hmm maybe I can lift even heavier". I added two more plates to my bar and attempted 225

That sucker was heavy but I did it! I sat down and looked at the bar and then it hit me; I placed TWO more plate for a total of 20 pounds! But of course I was doubting my math skills...actually I don't think anyone should be allowed to do math at 5 am. Anyways, I whipped out my calculator (opened the app on my phone) and added each single plate and yup, I lifted 235 an not 225! Woohoo to a new PR! You know what is funny? If you would have told me to lift 235 prior to this, I would have said "NO WAY" but because I didn't know how heavy the bar actually was, I wasn't that intimidated by it. So maybe sucking at math isn't such a bad thing and maybe we should try the things scare us.

Check out my vlog to watch me hit my new PR and also FDOE


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