Thursday, October 4, 2018

On The Mat With Mari: Being Completely Transparent...

Have you seen the commercial with the girl sitting in the doctor's office and he is asking her about her symptoms (in regards to endometriosis) and she is saying that she is okay but another version of herself is telling her to speak up and let him know what is really going on. Well that happened to me last week while I was sitting at my doctor's office.

I went to see my doctor for my yearly physical and while we were catching up, she began to go down her list of questions and she arrived to my favorite one "How has your depression been?" and I instinctively answered "everything is going well".

Sometimes when you wear the happy mask for so long, you forget to answer honestly because you don't want to bore people with your problems. I caught myself giving the knee jerk reply and after a long sigh, I answered honestly "I've been struggling lately". It's hard to pinpoint what has been "off" recently but I have seen myself withdrawing from the world and having several binge episodes as a coping mechanism.

I was on Zoloft about 10 years ago and didn't think that I would ever need it again. My ego almost made me turn it down when she asked if I wanted to go back on but I know that this is the best decision for me right now. I've been on it for about a week and ya'll my body is not happy about anxiety has been through the roof but I know that in about a month or so, I should be feeling back to normal.

CBD oil has been a life saver the last couple of days. Last week when I began the medication, I had to teach yoga and I felt horrible because I noticed that my body felt extremely agitated. I decided to use my CBD oil before heading out my house and its been extremely helpful. My classes have been so much better.

Side note, have you guys ever heard of a yawning orgasm? Well I discovered that those were a strange side effect of my medication...check out my vlog below to hear all about it as well as a mini clothing haul.

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