Tuesday, October 30, 2018

On The Mat With Mari: Halloween Moon Salutation, FDOE, & Learning to Accept Compliments....

I don't know about you guys but I absolutely love this time of year (why do I hear Pauly D's voice when I say that?). Leaves are changing, mornings are crisp, and the best part...the holidays are finally here. I just want to stay under the covers and watch scary movies all day.

Imagine how excited I was when I discovered that Halloween is going to be on a Wednesday this year, when I teach Yoga. I started to think of ways to make my class Halloween themed and it hit me...Moon Salutation.
Moon Salutation Yoga Sequence

I try to always incorporate Sun Salutations into my class (it's a great warmup) so I thought it would be fun to show my students this sequence as well. They say that the Moon Salutation is perfect for the evening because it calms you since it channels the feminine energy of the Moon. My plan is to start the class with the Sun sequence which channels masculine energy, do a Halloween themed vinyasa flow, and then end the class with the moon sequence. I hope they enjoy it.

Speaking of enjoying...this weekend was all about enjoying some delicious home cooking...

I am still doing my 30 day Keto challenge and I have to be honest, the cravings are making their way to me. I succumbed one day and had a couple of blow pops but I got back on track the next day...remember not to beat yourself up if you have a slip up.

Since I shared some things that I enjoy, it only seems right to share something that I don't enjoy at all...and that is compliments! The other day a guy from my gym mentioned something to me and I knew that he meant well but instead I wanted to crawl under a rock...

Watch my vlog below to hear what he said and what I heard. I also talk you through the Moon Sequence that I will be teaching tomorrow.

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