Sunday, February 24, 2019

Ten Years In The Making...

10 years ago today, I decided to start this blog to help me stay accountable and through the years it has morphed into so much more. So many things in my life have happened because of this site and I am truly grateful. I have discovered so much about myself like my love for yoga and helping others. I have formed amazing friendships that would have never happened if it wasn't for Namaste Mari.

One of the best thing about these past 10 years is YOU! Thank you for taking the time to read my endless rambles, follow my different journeys, and support me through some low moments in my life as well as cheer me on during the highs.

Speaking of journeys, let's catch up from my last post. Last week, I spoke about finding a coach to help me get to my goals but unfortunately the coach that I was hoping to work with doesn't work with women with PCOS. She was kind enough to recommend someone that did but their prices were out of my league. Thankfully my friend, Sarah came to the rescue and suggested that I try the paid version of Myfitnesspal and ya'll it is awesome.

One of my favorite things is that I am able to adjust my daily goals for calories and macros instead of only weekly. Also, when I am eating throughout the day it begins to deduct the macros and calories from the total so I know what I have left for the day. I did WW many MANY years ago and this is very reminiscent to that. My friend Angie joked that I am a tad OCD and love structure which is probably why I love the paid version so much...she is completely right.

I am still looking for a coach but for now this is working just as good and I have an amazing support team. Also I am still going on strong with my Peloton streak...I hit 27 days this morning!

Check out my latest vlog for a day in the life as well as full day of eating aaaaand how writing a letter to yourself can help you reach your goals.

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