Monday, August 26, 2019

5 Tips To Get Over Your Gym Fears...

Recently my friend mentioned that when she watches my vlogs, she wishes that she could go to the gym and do similar workouts but she is intimidated. She then proceeded to ask if I had any tips to get over these fears. Ironically the reason that I workout from home is because I do suffer from anxiety but with that being said, I have been in the fitness industry for 13 years and want to offer 5 tips that I've learned through the years and have offered to my clients.

First Tip: Get a training program. Going to the gym without a program is setting yourself up for failure, imagine driving somewhere new without directions. You would be completely lost.

Second Tip: Do your homework! Before heading to the gym, review your program and learn the exercises for the day. One of the biggest things that people worry about when working out in public is "looking stupid". has an extensive library of exercises where you can see videos, photos, and step by step instructions.

Third Tip: Get up early and head to the gym! Now I know that most of you reading this, probably rolled your eyes but "Linda Listen". Gyms are much quieter in the morning which means less people to intimidate you and more access to the equipment that you need. Also, I know first hand that people that workout in the morning are there for one thing and one thing only...WORKOUT! Gyms are usually crowded in the evening and half the people are there to socialize. No, thank you.

Fourth Tip: Record your workouts with your phone. I know this may sound a little silly but you want to execute your exercises to the best of your ability and the best way to do this is by watching yourself.  You want to correct these small adjustments before they become bad habits.

Final Tip: Plug in so you can zone out. Listen to music or podcasts while you workout to drown out the outside chatter

And here is BONUS tip! If you decide to get a Personal Trainer or Coach, do your homework. Where did they get certified from?  Have they worked with people in the past that had similar goals to yours? It has to be a good fit for both the trainer and client.

I hope this helped and just think; if you start now, you will have a head start before the "resolutionist" make their way on January 1st!

Watch my video below for more on these tips as well as my September Goals


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