Remote Yoga Classes

Hello my loves! Some of you have asked so I wanted to share with you my current schedule for all my Zoom Remote Yoga:

Monday: 6 PM "Mellow Monday; Relaxing Restorative Flow"

Tuesday: 5:30 PM Twisted Tuesday Vinyasa Flow  

Saturday: 9 AM Strength Saturday Vinyasa Flow

Sunday: 11:30 AM Soulful Sunday Vinyasa Flow

*Please note that the schedule is subject to change

The classes are $10.00 to join in or $25.00 to take unlimited amount of classes per week. I am also offering a 30 Day package for $60.00 which includes 30 days of unlimited classes.

Studio Schedule:

Monday: 9:30 AM Vinyasa Yoga NYSC Glendale
Tuesday: 12 PM Yoga Body Sculpt Crunch Richmond Hill
Wednesday: 9:30 AM Yoga Body Sculpt Crunch Richmond Hill
Wednesday: 5:30 PM Vinyasa Yoga NYSC Glendale
Saturday: 11:30 AM Vinyasa Yoga NYSC Rego Park
Sunday: 9:30 AM Vinyasa Yoga NYSC Glendale 

Feel free to email me if you want more information

Namaste my loves...


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