Monday, August 13, 2018

On The Mat With Mari: New Adventures And Q&A

Yesterday I started teaching my new yoga class in Brooklyn and y'all I am so damn grateful for this exciting opportunity. So much so, that I gave up my only day off to teach it!

I arrived about 40 minutes before class began...since NYC transportation on a Sunday morning can be very finicky; I decided to leave my house super early. (Plus I always get lost haha, kudos to the awesome NYPD officers that pointed me in the right direction). I rather show up early and kill some time than rush against time and get there all panicky. When I arrived to the area, I was pleasantly surprised to see how nice it was, I am teaching right near Brooklyn Borough Hall.

I had about nine people in my class which might be the norm for that area on a Sunday morning but I am hoping to attract more students. However, the strength class that was right after mine was completely full so I am hoping some of those members find their way into my class. Since I am new to this facility, I will need to build my clientele from the ground up through word of mouth. Another interesting factor was that the students definitely varied in experience "levels" so I have to be mindful to challenge the more advanced students so that they don't become bored but also keep it welcoming (and not intimidating) for beginners.

After class was done, I made my way back to BBH  and sat down for a bit while I soaked up the beautiful morning. I can totally envision myself sitting here in the weeks to come, enjoying my breakfast or a snack after my classes.

Check out my vlog below because I take you along with me on my first day as we explore the area together aaaaaand I also have a Q&A. I answer some fun questions like "Would you rather have 8 nipples or an extra finger on your elbow" and "If you were able to be a Kardashian, whom would you choose?" As well as some more serious questions like "How has yoga changed your life and why did you become a teacher?" 


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Monday, July 30, 2018

On The Mat With Mari: Getting Physical With My Coworker, Exciting News, & Is The Fitbit Versa Tattoo Friendly?

I recently received the Fitbit Versa for my birthday and I absolutely love it except for one "minor" hiccup...
I don't think that it likes my tattoos...lets backtrack a bit. I received the versa a little over a week ago and was super excited to use it but noticed that it would lose the connection with my heart rate. I let it slide but when I looked at my sleep insight, it would state that I only slept for about an hour. This lead me to believe that it completely lost the connection with my hr and could not give me my sleep insight.

I started to google this issue and came across all these posts...
I called customer service and honestly they weren't any help besides the typical IT answer "let's try to restart it" really Becky?

I started to wear the watch on a area of skin that was ink free which seemed to help unless it slipped down to a tattooed region. I then thought that perhaps I should wear it, inside my forearm which was bare or on my other wrist which was less tattooed. For a watch that costs around $250.00 (special edition version) it should not be causing me this much stress.

Ready for the plot twist...

I tweeted to fitbit the other day, that I was going to talk about this issue on my site and I kid you not...that bitch is working now. Is "the man" watching or is it just a coincidence? I have no idea but I am just happy that all systems are a go.

Unfortunately, it is still not consistent and I honestly believe that they dropped the ball when they added only one light in the back for the hr detection, instead of their usual 2-3 lights. I never experienced this issue with my Charge 2 which had two lights and some people even stated that they used an epoxy sticker on their versa which has helped.

So does it work with tattoos? I have no idea ha!

Watch my vlog below for even more rambles about this issue as well the things that I love about this watch because honestly, I really do love it. I also share some exciting news aaaaand you get to join me while I do a private yoga class with my coworker/friend.


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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

On The Mat With Mari: Happy 38th Birthday To Me!

This past Friday I celebrated my 38th this year on this earth and I've been celebrating with my family and friends the past couple of days. Of course I had to bring you along as well so I am going to keep this short and just just press play and enjoy the video below.

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