Thursday, September 20, 2018

On The Mat With Mari: Sharing a Couple of My Fave TJ Pumpkin Products & Mini Rant...

I am all about sharing fun facts about me with you guys so let's keep the ball rolling.

When I was in junior high school for a short period of time, I was given the nick name "Mucha Maraca Mariette". Imagine being 13 years old and given a nickname based on the fact that you were well in doubt...obviously that stuck with me because here we are 25 years later and I am still talking about it.

The other day, I posted this photo on Instagram with the caption "I am not this body nor this soul. I am that which animates both. I am that which animates this entire universe"

Unfortunately my body was the focal point of this post...well my "girls" were and the caption was lost.

Here is another fun fact...I got a breast reduction when I was in my early 20's because of back pain and honestly mental health. Prior to that, I was always so ashamed of my breast and walked around hunchback to hide them. In my early teens, some of the other girls thought I was a slut...yup excess fat on my chest, automatically made me a slut. I was hit on by much MUCH older men and had to grow up faster than I should have.

So when I received DM's in regards to my cleavage or noticed that my female friends didn't double tap the photo, it took me right back to 7th grade.

I am not sure where I am going with this post but I just want to help erase the stigma of breast. I wish that women weren't judged because of them and I wish that moms could breast feed their children in public without feeling ashamed or receiving negative attention. They are just breast...and we are more than that.

Check out my vlog for even more of my rant, upper body workout, and some of my favorite Trader Joe's Pumpkin products! 

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Monday, September 10, 2018

On The Mat With Mari: Hitting An Accidental PR!?!

Fun fact about me, math has always been my nemesis. I have vivid memories of myself crying in class during math exams and trying to keep down my sniffling so none of my classmates would hear me.

Well once again math has failed me or wait did I fail math? I kid, I actually summer school.

This past Saturday was my heavy (for me) lift day for squats and deadlifts. I have come to the realization that lifting 215 for more than a one rep max, is not happening right now...but I started to wonder "hmm maybe I can lift even heavier". I added two more plates to my bar and attempted 225

That sucker was heavy but I did it! I sat down and looked at the bar and then it hit me; I placed TWO more plate for a total of 20 pounds! But of course I was doubting my math skills...actually I don't think anyone should be allowed to do math at 5 am. Anyways, I whipped out my calculator (opened the app on my phone) and added each single plate and yup, I lifted 235 an not 225! Woohoo to a new PR! You know what is funny? If you would have told me to lift 235 prior to this, I would have said "NO WAY" but because I didn't know how heavy the bar actually was, I wasn't that intimidated by it. So maybe sucking at math isn't such a bad thing and maybe we should try the things scare us.

Check out my vlog to watch me hit my new PR and also FDOE

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

On The Mat With Mari: Back To School Juju?

I don't know if it's because it's the beginning of September or because the new school year is upon us but this weekend has been all about reevaluating my goals and making a plan.

It has been one month since I had a day off and ya'll I took full advantage of it. I finished teaching my yoga class on Sunday morning and I came home and got to work on my new workout programs. I have been solely focusing on strength recently but this month I decided to shift my focus to more of a body building program but I don't want to lose the strength that I have developed so I am going to try to merge them together. This week I will be doing 3 lower body days, two consisting of volume and one focused on load (squats and deadlifts). I will also do two upper body days; one volume and one load. I will also continue my daily yoga practice as well as LISS cardio on my spin bike. 

Once I was done creating my strength program, I went on to the next thing on my list which was recalculating my macros. Now I just need to stick to them!

I always joke that I die a little bit in the summer and I am born again when Autumn rolls around and that's exactly how I feel as I write this. This feeling reminds me of when I began my marathon training...I had a an end goal and that fueled my fire. I feed off structure and it felt amazing to sit down and jot all of this down.

Do you guys have any new goals for this month?

Check out the video below to see some of my lower body volume workout and of course some other rambles...

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