Monday, December 4, 2017

Monday Morning Rambles: A "Brilliant" Workshop

This weekend was the end of an era...the Long Island Yoga Association had their final workshop. LIYA was founded 29 year ago by Marianne who was also co-founded my Yoga Teacher Training with Mokshapriya, 19 year ago.

The workshop began with Roxanne (the current president of LIYA) giving an emotional speech...there wasn't a dry eye in the room. We then had a 3 hour Workshop which was taught by Jennifer Brilliant. This was my first time meeting and taking a class with Jennifer and I was pleasantly surprised.

Jennifer was extremely funny and charismatic and made the workshop very enjoyable. She started her career as a professional dancer and it's very evident in her teaching..she made all the poses look effortless even though she joked that it' so annoying when teachers do this in class while you are struggling to get into a pose ha.

Let's be honest, a three hour workshop could drag but that was not the case with her. Did I mention that she uses a phrase "Tits to the Wind" which I absolutely loved. Sometimes, teachers make Yoga classes so serious (and sometimes it should be) but this was so enjoyable and I laughed so much. I will be making my way to Brooklyn to take one of her classes for sure.

After the workshop, LIYA hosted a lunch which was ahhhhhmazing...I am still dreaming about the food.

And like they say..."let them eat cake", which we did 
Roxanne and Marianne

Check out my vlog below where I share some clips of the event (5:07 mark)

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Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday Morning Rambles: Give Me All The Greens...

I don't know about you but after a few days of one too many treats, I woke up this morning craving a delicious green monster with a shit load of spinach.

Sometimes our body tells us what we need and this morning my body was yelling:
Besides delicious food, my weekend was also full of creating new memories. I spent Thanksgiving with my family at my mom's house...It was great to connect with some family members that I have not seen since last Christmas.

On Saturday, I subbed for my teacher again. When she initially asked me to cover for her, I had to take a day or two to think about it. The first time that I I taught her yoga class, it was a shit show but the second time it went so great...thankfully this time was the latter.

I think one of the main reasons that the class went well is because I taught the people that were in front of me. I created my class based on my last two experiences at this location...I knew what would work and what I should stay away from.

On today's video, I discuss my creative process when designing a new class...

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Monday Morning Rambles: Preggers, Inversions, & Reiki Oh My...

I swear the technical Gods were against me this morning because today's post almost didn't go up but fear not my friends because eventually it all worked out.

This weekend in class we had a jam packed schedule. On Saturday we had a Prenatal Yoga Workshop with our Anatomy Teacher, Janine in which I got to pretend that I was pregnant!
Check out the baby bump!

It was interesting to learn how someone's yoga practice would evolve from the first to final trimester. As well as the things that should be avoided during all three, such as hot yoga (baby's temperature is always one degree higher than the mothers).

These are some things that stuck out to me during the workshop:
  • Most miscarriages happen during the first trimester
  • Prenatal yoga is important for expecting because they find a community that supports them
  • We help the mothers feel empowered and become an advocate for themselves
  • In the first trimester: no deep twists, never heat the body, twist from the thoracic, avoid inversions, jumping, deep back bends
  • Recommended poses during 1st trimester: hip openers, pigeon, warrior 1 and 2, triangle, half moon 
  • In the second trimester, mother is starting to feel more comfortable and usually gains around 10-15 pounds around this time.
  • Recommended poses during 2nd trimester: chair, warrior 1 and 2. warrior 3, wide legged  standing poses should be decreased.
  • Open twists can help with back pain.
  • No retention breath
  • No inversions once the baby is engaged
  • In the third trimester encourage deep breathing, cat cow is really beneficial during this time.
  • Legs up the wall and downward dog with hands on the wall
 Check out my video below to hear more about this experience as well as the rest of the weekend. Also a special thank you...

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