Monday, August 25, 2014

Why you do this to me, Cervix??

If you get my Exorcist reference in the are awesome!!!!

I was going to write a blog of what is going on but I decided a vlog would be better! Thank you all for the texts and messages! Love you.


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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

August Goals…

Hey loves…

Can you believe that it is almost August?!?!?! Is it just me or has this year FLOWN by? Before we know it, we will be wearing snow boots again! THE TORTURE hahaha

With a new month, comes new goals. For me; my number one goal for August is to put myself out there and try new things and meet new people! This is something that I struggle with on a constant basis but I want to “let it go” (proceeds to sing the song)

Check out my video about hitting my July goals and what I plan on doing for August!


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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Accountability Partner

Good morning loves! I am sorry that it has been almost one month since I wrote my last post. I guess life gets in the way.

I think people might have a misconception that people who workout often, must always want to do it but the truth is sometimes we want to sleep in a little longer and sometimes we may hit snooze for an hour straight. It is not always easy to wake up with motivation. This morning was one of those days for me. My alarm started to go off around 6 am and I hit snooze every 10 minutes. Before I knew it, it was already 7 am and I still didn't want to get up. Then my friend Sarah (one of the first blogs that I read was hers) sent me a photo after her kick ass workout and that was all I needed to Get. My. Ass. Up!

Sarah is not only my friend but we agreed to be each-others accountability partners. We don't workout together since we live in different states but everyday we "check in".  Here are three things that we do that might help you guys out.

  1. Set goals and share it with the other to keep you on track.
  2. Weigh in on the same day and share your progress.
  3. We are both on MyFitnessPal so every night we send each other our macro breakdown. 

These may seem like simple things but they truly help.

The best advice I can give to anyone that is looking for a AP is to find someone who has similar goals whom you know will motivate you instead of bring you down.

Sarah's tip: "One thing I would add is always be honest. If you're having a bad day, tell your partner. They can coach you to pick yourself back up or talk you out of a temptation. Plus your partner will be encouraged to know they aren't the only one who struggles sometimes."

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Mama Kuka Giveaway Winner!

Hey loves!!!!!!!  Thank you to everyone that entered my Mama Kuka giveaway!

 Mama Kuka

A lot of people tweeted it, but unfortunately some of ya’ll didn’t post a comment to be entered into the contest (I need the comments to include you into the drawing)

I used to choose the winner and it is…


“Danielle June 12, 2014 at 8:33 AM

Followed @Namaste_Mari on Twitter (@dnardi710)”

Congrats Danielle!!!!! Email me your mailing address so we can get your kit mailed out to you. You are going to love it!


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Monday, June 9, 2014

Mama Kuka Giveaway…

One of my favorite things about having this blog, is getting to share something that I love with you!

I was recently contacted by Mama Kuka YogaSpheres to try out their product and I jumped at the chance since I am in the middle of my year of yoga challenge (today is day 160!).

Here is some info about Mama Kuka from their website:

MamaKuka was birthed from the minds of two creative, innovative friends and fellow yoga instructors. Witnessing the wave of satisfaction that floods a student as they grab a toe for the first time, find a bind, or just discover extra depth in a pose inspired our YogaSphere™ strap.

Embracing this joy, our intent is to produce systems which provide adaptability, accessibility, and structural integrity to aid in the practice of yoga. From the most advance yogi to the budding beginner, we strive to put poses within reach for all.


Mama Kuka

I received my YogaSpheres last week and could not wait to try them out.

photo 1

The YogaSpheres come in sizes: 4", 6", 8", and 12" and the 100% natural cotton webbing allow them to be flexible yet sturdy.

And if you need them to be a little bigger (for poses such as bakasana); you can make a “daisy chain” to accommodate your needs.


I absolutely love these spheres and have been using them throughout the week. With a  traditional Yoga belt; you have to stop to adjust the size but with these it helps you transition from one pose to another with ease. Here are some moves that I did ayer…

photo 2 (2)

I can’t wait to try out even more poses…

The amazing people of Mama Kuka want to give one of my readers a YogaSphere kit to enhance their yoga practice!

How to Enter:

  1. Become a Fan on Namaste Mari on Facebook

  2. Become a fan of Mama Kuka on Facebook

  3. Tweet my giveaway and @Namaste_Mari (please note the underscore) and @MamaKukaYoga and use the hashtag #MamaKukaGiveaway

  4. Follow MamaKuka on Twitter @MamaKukaYoga

  5. Follow me on Twitter @namaste_mari

  6. Follow me on Instagram

  7. Follow MamaKuka on Instagram

Each one above, increases your chance to win so make sure to comment separately!

DEADLINE: Midnight Eastern Time on Sunday June 14th!!!…GOOD LUCK!!!!

This contest is open to US residents only.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

My Truth…

I am writing this and honestly don’t know if it will ever see the light of day (update; this has been sitting in my drafts for about a week) I was thinking of just posting a photo on Instagram with a small caption and call it a day but I felt this was too important.

So what is the story behind my bandanas?  I get asked this question at least once a week (or why I use so much gel) and it always makes me uncomfortable and usually just answer with “I love them” or “it makes it so much easier to get up and go”. Instead I should be saying “I have PCOS and my hair is thinning”. There…that is my truth but let’s face it, who wants to say that out loud?

Women who have PCOS deal with these issues:

The symptoms of PCOS can vary from woman to woman. Some of the symptoms of PCOS include:

  • Infertility (not able to get pregnant) because of not ovulating. In fact, PCOS is the most common cause of female infertility.
  • Infrequent, absent, and/or irregular menstrual periods
  • Hirsutism (HER-suh-tiz-um) — increased hair growth on the face, chest, stomach, back, thumbs, or toes
  • Cysts on the ovaries
  • Acne, oily skin, or dandruff
  • Weight gain or obesity, usually with extra weight around the waist
  • Male-pattern baldness or thinning hair
  • Patches of skin on the neck, arms, breasts, or thighs that are thick and dark brown or black
  • Skin tags — excess flaps of skin in the armpits or neck area
  • Pelvic pain
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Sleep apnea — when breathing stops for short periods of time while asleep


My hair loss is so extreme that I don’t even go to beauty salons anymore because I don’t want people staring at me. I always think “you wouldn’t ask a woman who is going through Chemo why she is wearing a bandana or wig”. Women who suffer from PCOS deal with this on a daily basis. I am not saying that PCOS is on the same level as cancer but the emotional pain is just the same. In this society where we are bombarded with advertisements with women with long flowing hair…it is hard to live this way. I am not writing this for pity but instead to bring awareness to this issue and perhaps it will help someone who is reading this. Be kind to one another…



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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Goddess On The Go…

This past weekend I attended Goddess On The Go and had such a wonderful time.


I arrived early for the Press Event and got a chance to meet all the sponsors. (Sidenote, do you remember the movie “Boomerang”? the event was held in the loft where Eddie Murphy lived)


PicMonkey Collage 2PicMonkey Collage

One of my favorite vendors was Essense of Vali…great product and Valerie was such a pleasure to speak with. I bought two of her oils and have been using them every day.


Incase you missed my previous post, here is some info about GOTG

Goddess On the Go reconnects women to their essential needs, so they can experience life with a full “tank” of gratitude and glow. Our workshops bring women together to reconnect to their pure and perfect pleasure, spice up their sensual sides, and bask in the power of sisterhood. Led by a compelling group of experts on wellness, spirituality, and beauty, participants dive into all that’s divine about being a woman.

Too often, women are busy running from place to place, forgetting to take care of ourselves first (if at all). We get disconnected from our bodies, our needs, and our intuition, forgetting what makes us happy—or that we even deserve to feel happiness at all. At Goddess On The Go workshops, women connect, move their bodies, and uncover their bombshell beauty, in a fun space designed to heal and create lasting fulfillment. It’s a serene celebration of life, goddess style!

  The event began with Leora giving thanks to everyone for being there…including the beautiful Aliah who helped put the event together!

pic2pic 1

Our first speaker was the creator of The Sexy Revolution and author of Wild Woman In The Bedroom; Layla Martin. Layla is an expert in Tantric and Taoist traditions and helps women take control of their sexuality. Layla had us perform a few moves to find our inner goddess and we had so much fun…imagine a room filled with women dancing and having a blast with no inhibitions.


Next up was Dawn Copeland; Dawn is a coach, motivational speaker, and workshop facilitator and creator of The Feminine Evolution Process. Dawn shared her story with us and this lady is so inspirational. Dawn made us do an exercise where we closed our eyes and think of our best version of ourselves and think of words to describe her and for me it was “Strong and Confident” and then think of one or two words that stop us from getting there and my words were “Doubt and Fear”. We then opened our eyes and performed an exercise to release those negative words.


The next speaker was Lara Licharowicz from The Lara Touch. I can’t even describe how amazing Lara is…you can tell from hearing her speak that she is SO passionate about what she does. To be honest I didn’t even know she was a personal trainer as well until I read her bio on her page “Lara takes personal training to a new realm;combining traditional strength training with energy medicine, muscle activation & stress management techniques”.  Lara had us do Chakra exercises with an abundance oil and I felt so great when it was done.


These women all have workshops coming up in the near future so be sure to checkout their sites for more info!

If I had to use one word to describe this day, it would be Sisterhood. I left there making new friends, connecting with old, and loving myself so much more. PicMonkey Collage 3

I am a goddess and so are you!



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