Sunday, June 10, 2018

On The Mat With Mari: What Did I Really Think of "Hello Fresh"...

The other morning when I was getting ready for work, I had NY1 on in the background and I remember getting excited when they teased the story "Hello Fresh will soon be available in Supermarkets". I jumped in the shower and didn't hear what supermarkets but just assumed that it would be Whole Foods because they always get all the cool sh*t. Unfortunately I don't go to WF's often so I kicked rocks.

Well I was wrong! I went grocery shopping at Stop & Shop on Friday morning and the moment that I walked in, I saw the huge display and my heart skipped a beat. I have been dying to try a meal kit delivery service for a while but honestly I wasn't ready to make the commitment (I believe that you have to subscribe to it but I could be wrong) and I was also scared that it wouldn't taste good. I have been seeing them all over youtube on my favorite vlogs but most of the time,the vlogs are sponsored and I don't know how authentic their reviews truly are.

I grabbed a kit and skipped home instead of kicking rocks...but what did I think of it after I tasted it?

I freaking loved it! (again.not.sponsored.) The instructions were very clear and mostly everything that I needed was in the kit. I do recommend that you read the box thoroughly because I assumed that everything would be in there but I needed to have my own oil and butter which thankfully I did have and crisis was adverted (first world problems).

The main reason that I chose the meatloaf kit was because I knew that I would be lifting heavy the next morning and I wanted the carbs from the potatoes and the carrots but did it work?

Check out my vlog below to see if I hit any PR's today. Also, I share why I have been MIA and why the recent tragedies urged me to grab my camera and connect with you guys.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

On The Mat With Mari: How Is She Already 15 Years Old?!

When I first started this site, my niece was around 5 years old. I remember begging my sister after a few months, if I could finally share her photos with you, and in May of 2009...the world met "Homefries"...

Through the years. you have watched her take yoga classes, flip boys in Karate, perform on Broadway...and above all, be a wonderful kid. But this kid, is slowly becoming a young woman and this weekend we celebrated her 15th birthday....

Homefries decided that she wanted to spend her 15th Birthday by going to Mom's in Astoria...did I mention that she was a very intelligent teenager. Mom's has incredible food and just typing this; makes my mouth water at the thought of their chicken and waffle which I enjoyed profusely this weekend. We might just have to go back in July for my birthday...nooooms. Did I mention that they were named the "Best new restaurant in Astoria", which is quite an accomplishment because that place is filled with amazing cuisine....

Check out my video below to see all the deliciousness (4:18 mark) as well as some new PR's

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

On The Mat With Mari: Inspired By Two Emily's

Last week, I was inspired by two amazing women;both of whom happen to be named "Emily"...

One of my favorite things to do while commuting around is to listen to podcasts and one of my "go
to" podcasts is Emily Duncan's EmBody Radio. On episode 37, she had Tanya Zuckerbrot as the guest, Tanya created the F Factor Diet. It was a really great interview but one thing stuck with me. Emily asked Tanya what she wanted people to take away from the podcast and one of the things that she mentioned was this quote "Rejection is God's Protection." The minute that I heard this, it reminded me of what Mokshapriya would always say which is when you pray for something, you should always say "I want it to be for my highest good and the highest good of all those involved". So if you pray for something and don't get it, it's okay because the Universe is just protecting you for something better to come along.

This brings me to my second Emily, Emily Hayden to be exact. Have you ever met someone and were instantly inspired by them? That's Emily.

I watch Emily's youtube videos while I spin in the morning and she always motivates me to make the best out of the rest of my day. One of the reasons that I gravitate to her is because she shares her highlights as well as her struggles which makes her relatable and in my opinion likeable.

Last week I stepped out of my comfort zone and I almost didn't want to share it because one, I thought that I would jinx it and two, what if it didn't turn out as I hoped. But these two ladies inspired me to be more vulnerable, watch the video below to hear all about it!


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