Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday Morning Rambles: Spring 4 Prana...

Happy Monday my loves!!!

Can you believe that this month is almost over? With March right around the corner, that means that Spring is almost here...actually it is already beginning to feel a little like spring in NYC (knocking on wood).

This weather is perfect for my new Prana outfit! 

 Top is 55% Hemp / 45% Organic Cotton and Bottoms are 53% Hemp / 44% Recycled Polyester / 3% Spandex 
I am lucky enough to be participating in the Sweat Pink Spring 4 Prana campaign.

The word Prana means "Life Force" which is a perfect name for this company since their core belief is that they should give much more than they take from the world. I admire that they use recycled material, organic cotton, and hemp which doesn’t require any chemical pesticides or fertilizers (which is safer for the farmers)!

I always say that yoga is much more than practicing on the mat...and this is exactly what I mean. They are practicing two of the Yamas (first limb of Yoga);  Satya and Asetaya...truth and non stealing. They are sticking to their truth and running an ethical company and not stealing from this beautiful world. 

I have to be honest, this was the main reason that I wanted to participate in this feels good to spotlight a company whose morals are aligned with mine and it doesn't hurt that they have great clothes as well! 

Want to support a great company and get a new outfit? Use my code "S4P17MNM"  (Valid until March 28th, 2016) to get 15 percent off your purchase! 

Before I go, I want to say thank you to everyone that has followed my Journey since the beginning. Namaste Mari turned 8 years old on Friday...this all started as a way to keep me accountable on my weight loss journey and it has morphed into much more. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

*This is a sponsored post but all opinions are 100% mine. 

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday Morning Rambles: Sometimes You Have To Be A Bug...

Good morning my loves.

I had another wonderful weekend at my 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training. On Saturday we had a  Workshop "The Wall is With You" which was very interesting.

I thought that this would be an easier day since we had the wall to support us but boy was I wrong. The wall is not very forgiving and it doesn't let you "cheat" when doing a posture since it holds you upright. When I did Revolved Triangle on the wall, I felt my chest fully open and my heart was lifted to the sky.

We joked in class about the things that we as teachers put ourselves through so that our students can get the best experience when they step foot into our class. You want to try to be able to relate to all your clients and understand what they are feeling in a particular Asana...

Even if that means you have to go against the wall and look like a splattered bug on a windshield lol

Yesterday in Philosophy we spoke about the Third Eye Chakra and Mokshapriya lead us through a guided meditation to bring focus to this chakra (I describe it below in my video). Our Third eye, is our "sixth sense" and it's that little voice in your head that sometimes whispers "go down this road instead" is our intuition. 

Some how we came into a discussion about money and the negative stigma that is attached to it. Mokshapriya reminded us that when we teach, we must get paid; in order for our students to benefit from it. Money is a transfer of energy and in order for someone to benefit from your services they must give you something in return.

Imagine if someone gave you a new car for free and now imagine if you worked really hard and saved up for long time to buy a new car ...which car would you treat with more respect? The one that you didn't earn or the one that you worked hard for?  

Yesterday afternoon we had anatomy with Janine (I call her the body whisperer). Janine always knows exactly how to adjust you and just how far she can push us. Yesterday she adjusted me in Uttanasana (standing forward bend); she had me put more weight on the balls of my feet so that I wasn't leaning back. She kept telling me to lean forward and I felt like I was going to fall right over. I said to her "I am going to fall". and she said "don't worry, I'm here" and with those words, I trusted her...

Like I said...she is the body whisperer


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Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday Morning Rambles: Restorative Yoga & Joy Of The Unknown

This weekend was amazing at the Ashram...this place is seriously becoming my second home. 

On Saturday, I took a Restorative Yoga class. 

I have to be honest; before taking this class, I had some preconceived notions about it. I never took this style of yoga before and when someone asked me last week what it was about, I would joking answer “Adult Napping”. These misconceptions were soon erased. 

I appreciated the fact, that the minute we walked into the ashram, the incense was burning and Michele was playing soothing music…it instantly told my body to relax. She thoroughly explained all the postures we would get into and was very attentive in using various props to adjust us. She was very good in positioning my body, for it to completely melt into the mat. At some points it felt like my body was floating and when my palms were facing up, I could feel energy pulsating through them. 

For the most part, I enjoyed all the postures except for one. It is not that I didn’t like the spinal twist but I felt like I could not truly take deep breaths when my body was lying on the bolster. I could hear my heart pounding which made me feel uncomfortable. Maybe my "girls" got in the way ha

I thought that the class would drag and I would become restless since it was an hour and a half but it flew by. Before I knew it, we were done and my body felt completely relaxed. The next time that I take a restorative class, I need to control my mind a little better to fully embrace the experience. I had to constantly remind myself to think “So Hum” to bring myself back to the present moment.  

I think that I will be adding more restorative classes to my routine…it was a wonderful experience and like I said right after “that was delicious”. 

On Sunday we had a guest speaker at Sunshine Lecture, Mark. Mark spoke of "The Joy Of The Unknown". This topic intrigued me because as someone that suffers from anxiety, I tend to fear the unknown and want to make shifts to change my perspective. 

Mark reminded us that Faith is what helps you not fear the unknown and that we can set our intentions but we can't be attached to them. Not everything will go our way and we have to remember to not waste our energy on things we can not change because everything happens for a reason but we don't need to know the reason just yet. "Energy goes where intention flows".

One thing that stuck out to me was when he said that we need to stop making the "what if's" into something negative and instead think "what if I succeed...what if this is right for me, etc" 

Or like my tattoo says "What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?"

As Mark, said "everything happens for a reason but we don't to need to know the reason"

I have to make a conscious effort to learn to have peace in every moment and be present...easier said than done ha. This will come in handy tomorrow when I teach my Valentine's day "Sunrise Stretch" at my gym....eek

Watch my vlog below where I discuss more about the restorative class and of course other rambles. 

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