Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday Morning Rambles: Don't Let it Break Your Spirit....

Oh how badly I wanted to come here today and tell y'all that I took a chance and the reward was amazing but sometimes life throws you a curve ball.

A few months ago; my teacher asked if I would sub for her, a couple of times during the summer. I was honored that she would take this chance on me, especially since she has been teaching at this particular location for many MANY years and the ladies absolutely adore her. Back in May, I went with her to her class to build a rapport with the ladies and one of her students approached me after and told me that she would follow her to any location.

Valerie, is an incredible teacher and I knew that I had big shoes to fill but I was up for the challenge. I have been teaching my own class for a few months and have been feeling more and more confident with each week that passed by.

After a week of preparing, I headed to the studio on Saturday morning feeling confident (but still humble). I made sure to wear my "Live Fearlessly" Momentum wrap since I was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone...

 The class was filled but unfortunately I could see some of their disappointed faces when they saw me instead of their beloved teacher. I tried to not let it bother me...

I started my flow and it was going pretty well and then it older lady started to roll up her mat...and another joined her...and another.

It threw me off but I kept going...I kept teaching from the heart but I could feel it closing up. One lady would smile at me every so often almost as if she was trying to say "you are doing great, don't let it bother you". I found comfort in her smile.

I am not going to lie...I took it personal. I know I am not supposed to but how could you NOT take it personal. I put love into this class. I taught from my heart. I created a beautiful playlist. I took two buses to get there each way. I brought my own speaker in case I couldn't connect to theirs (thank god that I did because I had to use it) and these ladies were blatantly rude to me.

After class, I called my teacher and let her know what happened "They are a tough crowd". She let me know that this was not the first time that they have done this to her subs (they did it the following day as well to another teacher) and every year she needs to have a "talk" with them.

I had already agreed to go back in September before this happened but a part of me doesn't want to. However, I AM. I will go back with an open heart and try again. The ladies that stay, are the ladies that I am meant to teach...

Taking chances can have a wonderful turnout or sometimes it can be shitty experience. You are allowed to be disappointed but you are NOT allowed to stop trying.

Don't allow them to break your spirit...

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Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday Morning Rambles: Q&A Edition

I decided that I don't share enough with you guys (insert sarcasm here) soooo I decided to make a Q&A post.

I asked ya'll this morning to send me some questions that you would like for me to answer and thankfully you guys jumped at the opportunity!

In the video below, I answer these questions:

Why did you become a personal trainer?
What took you so long to finally teach yoga? 
Do you plan your classes before hand?
Why did you start "Namaste Mari"?
How often do you carb cycle? 
Where do you get the motivation to workout?

I really enjoyed answering these questions and want to do more videos like this so please keep the questions coming! You can email me at or message me on my various social media platforms.

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Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday Morning Rambles: Lokai Bracelet...

As you guys know, I celebrated my 37th birthday last week but unfortunately my sister and Homefries were away on vacation so I wasn't able to spend the day with them.

This weekend they invited me over for dinner and the minute that I arrived, they surprised with balloons and singing "happy birthday". Usually I am terrified by balloons but these made my heart smile; so of course I had to take a photo with them while practicing an asana....

Have you guys heard of Lokai bracelets? Apparently, I have been living under a rock and didn't know much about them. I have seen photos of their bracelets online but I didn't really know their backstory...thank God for google:

Sometimes you’re on top of the world. Stay humble.
The white bead carries water from Mount Everest, the highest point on earth.

Sometimes you’ve hit a low. Stay hopeful.
The black bead holds mud from The Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth.
Finding your balance
Life’s a journey. Lokai exists to help you find balance through the highs and lows
Not only did they get me two of these bracelets...they gifted me two which hold a special meaning for me.

Lokai partnered with The Nature Conservancy in 2017 to support their work restoring balance to the environments. Each Green Lokai purchased allows The Conservancy to plant one tree via the Plant a Billion Trees program! If you guys have been following me on social media; you know how important trees are to me. Shoot, when I had to recite a poem in JHS; I chose "Trees" by Joyce Kilmer and I have a tree in my neighborhood that I must visit everyday and rest my hand on her. 

Lokai has also partnered with NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, in 2017 to support their work with people facing mental health conditions. One in five American adults live with a mental illness and I am one of them. I have been very vocal of struggles with depression and anxiety in hopes to bring awareness and erase the stigma.  $1 of each Orange Lokai purchased helps fund the NAMI HelpLine for one year.

When I read the cards that were included with the bracelets, I could not help but get emotional. It is rare to have people in your life that fully understand and support you but I have been blessed with this incredible support system that "gets" me. 

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