Friday, May 8, 2009

I Could Have Killed Him!

Last night I was sleeping and probably dreaming of some cutie when I hear a ripping noise from a far distance and I jump up at 3:47 AM only to find Koko ripping apart the tissue paper I brought at Tar-Jay (Target) for my Mother's Day Gifts! I wanted to kill him!!!! Not only did he tear that up but he ruined my sleep; I laid in bed for about an hour trying to knock out again grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Like seriously, he is 14 years old, he should be OVER this phase.

Lets rewind to ayer; for Lunch I had a Lean Cuisine Penne Pasta meal and paired it with a Souvlaki Stick and Tzatziki Sauce from the Greek restaurant (475 Cals)

I left work early to run a few errands, only to find myself in the middle of a "Monsoon"...I could barely see outside my car....

My first stop was the Post Office and I swear that place is like the Twilight Zone is sooooo quiet and dim and the people work super slow! I went to pick up a package that the FABULOUS MANSANA sent me! My package included the book "Eat Pray Love" which I have been dying to read and TJ's Trail Mix which I can not wait to try! Thank you Mansana! (One Healthy Apple)

After I was done there, I headed to Tarjay...I picked up some gifts for my mom and sis (not saying what they are, just in case my sis finds her way to my blog lol). I also picked up some important tools in my New Calorie Counting Weight Loss Journey...MEASURING CUPS AND SPOONS HA

For some reason I was craving Fruity Pebbles for dinner so I went to the Cereal section and they were all out "D'OH". All they had left was the Target Version and I didn't want to chance it esp. since I was REALLY craving it. I searched for an employee whom called the stock area and they had none left SAD PANDA...BUT after I left that dept. guess what I found.....

I seriously think that I squealed when I saw it! It was the LAST BOX in all of Tarjay and I HAD IT! wooohoooo...I put my measuring cup to good use when I got home and had THREE cups of Fruity Pebbles with 1.5 cups of FF milk for dinner and it was 605 calories.

After din-din, I did "Boost Your Metabolism" DVD and 50 situp and burned 511 calories.

Before Bed, I had one Scoop of LMM: 97.5 Calories

Ayer I consumed 1,750 Calories and Burned 809 by Working Out =)

This morning I slept in and skipped my morning workout but I am sure I will make it up later. For Breakfast I had a 100 calorie WW bagel with 1 tbsp of TJ's Almond Butter; used my new measuring spoon =). Grapes, and my usual coffee (380 Calories)

Weigh In
I am down .2 lbs...not a lot but enough for me =) My clothes have been fitting much better so I am a happy camper =)

Today has been another busy day, I can not wait for the weekend to begin =)

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  1. Mari, I call it Tarjay too, haha! Good idea with the measuring cups, they help me a lot, even when I'm not officially counting :) I LOVE your dinner too! I haven't had fruity pebbles in ages -- they are actually one of the topping options at the frozen yogurt place I went to on my b-day. Have a great weekend!

  2. All the cool kids say Tarjay lol

  3. I'm a cool kid too. Tarjay all the way! I'm glad you finally got my little package. I can't believe you had pebbles for dinner! Something I would totally do!

    Thanks for the shout and you sound like you are doing awesome!