Friday, January 17, 2014

Let Go…

Hi Loves!!!

The other day I was doing a Yoga DVD and the teacher said something that resonated with me; I have done this routine numerous times but for some reason it hit home this time…

“Let go of Judgment, Criticism, and Competitiveness”

It is January 17th and my various social media feeds for the past 2 weeks have been filled with people hitting the gym for hours or clocking in 2 workouts a day…balancing on their heads…creating healthy gourmet dishes….running countless miles…hitting their macros every day, etc. and I find myself comparing myself to them.

I am not saying that I am not guilty of this too; I do share my workouts and food but I am doing this to motivate people…I want EVERYONE to live a healthy lifestyle but in their own way!

Kudos to everyone taking care of their bodies but I need to stop the comparison…I need to stop thinking “Why can’t I do that?”. I need to stop being so hard on myself!

The other day I was doing a Crane Pose and fell down and busted my lip but instead of saying “I Suck!”…I grabbed a tissue and ice and laughed it off. I guess that is my first step to letting go of judgment…

We ALL have our own journey and it will be filled with many detours but in the end we will get to our destination…don’t speed up or slow down to keep up with the person next to you…



  1. This is great! The comparison game will get us every time. And sometimes it takes hearing something 100 times before it clicks in our minds. Good for you and thanks as always for sharing! :)

    1. Thank you sweetie!!!! I have to constantly remind myself to do this! love you!!!!

    2. No problem, it's a constant battle to fight. Thankful we have each other :)

  2. i am also guilty of this too! !but you know what?! we are just as awesome and also just as human. Sometimes the comparison is taken a wrong way, maybe instead of thinking of it as a comparison we should think of it as a way to build each other stronger. we share our tips, our dishes, our progressions etc as a way to build help each other. i have started to think of it more like that then why can i be like that. motivation!! and you motivate me. When you say crane pose i assume you mean bakasana? crow? i too fell out of the posture when i was just learning it! lol instead of hitting my face i hurt my wrist. (this was about 7 years ago) and every time i do that posture now i remember that. Fear is also something that is hard to let go of. keep rocking the asanas and doing your thing. sharing is what keeps us together. <3

    1. I completely agree with you...I am so thankful for this community because I have met so many strong women who make me strive to be better (including you). Crane/ Crow pose is my favorite yoga pose EVER and my goal is to hold it for 5 seconds by my birthday!

    2. i am positive that you will get to your goal in no time! work on the core strength as well as the power of the breath too! it is a lot of core strength and focus to hold an arm balance (or balance in general) gaze should be slightly forward though, other wise if we look between the hands or legs we can topple over! namaste lovely

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