Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blogger Is My Home

I have been thinking of switching over to Wordpress for quite some time; I even had http://namastemari.wordpress.com/ just in case. Ayer I decided to make the switch...I transferred everything over and even stayed an hour and half later at work so I can familiarize myself with it but after 8 hours, I realized...I DON'T LIKE WORDPRESS! lol...granted yes they have mobile versions of blogs and they also allow me to blog via email just like blogger but honestly the site itself is so confusing! I can't figure it out and like I told Sarah from http://seesaraheat.wordpress.com/ if you looked closely enough, you would probably see smoke coming out of my ears. So for now I will stay home at blogger =). So if you guys saw my post ayer (deleted now) saying I was switching over...please disregard it lol


Ayer for lunch I ordered a small Mandarin Salad from Pita Pan which had Baby Mustard Greens, with Sliced Almonds, Mandarins and Raisins. It also comes with Honey Vinaigrette but I didn't use it.

I also got Zucchini Fritters WW Pita Sandwich. I love that these are not that big...I used a fork so you can get a sense of how big it is =)

And I stole some of my coworkers Onion Rings lol...Sharing is Caring lol

I stayed so late at work ayer that I got stuck in the mother of traffic (I usually leave at 4) and by the time I got home, it was almost 7! Gasp. I threw together some Pasta with Veggies in PB, Sesame Teriyaki, and Chili Bean Sauce

That should have been the end of my Eats for ayer but I turned into Audrey 2 and got VERY snacky again!

2 Servings of my "cookie dough"...some people wanted to know what exactly is in my "cookie dough" it is 1 tbsp of PB with 1/2 Scoop of Chocolate LMM, 1 packet of Splenda, and splash of FF Milk...I can't take credit for this...I was inspired by April from http://foodsofapril.com/


2 Bowls of Frosted Mini Wheats with FF Milk

I need to pull in the reins because this is getting out of control. The scale is going up and the holidays are not even here yet. I decided to decrease my calorie intake for the next few days because if not, you will have to roll me around!

This morning I had no urge to workout which is probably because I am bloated and weighed down so I just slept in....Food and Exercise go hand in hand and when I eat "naughty" my exercise also suffers.
For Breakfast I had Kashi Oatmeal with 1/2 a Banana and PB and my usual coffee

I am going to go play with Wordpress and hopefully figure it out lol...wish me luck!


  1. Yes..smoke it coming out of my ears right now! My post looks retarded today! Ahh! Anyway...I want Pita Pan. That looks so good. I know what you mean about food and exercise going hand and hand. When I binge the night before...I feel way to gross to wake up the next morning and workout. I know it should be opposite but it's not!

  2. i was always wonderign about that cookie dough. looks great!

    And Im staying with Blogger too- if it aint broke- dont fix it!

  3. I HATED Wordpress when I first moved and really regretted it, but now, I love it. I love that you can see how many people came to your blog, what they googled to get to your blog, what links they clicked on, etc. GIVE IT TIME!!!!!

    Also, using Livewriter makes posting a zillion times easier than uploading via wordpress or blogspot.

    Let me know if I can help at all- I switched about 3-4 months ago and it was soooooo worth it!

  4. No to wordpress?? It's the only thing I've ever used but I really like it. It's probably just whatever you're used to.

    That salad looks great! And frosted mini wheats are my fav :-)

  5. I'm glad that you're back "home!"

  6. I have got to try that pita place next time I am up there!

    I had trouble with Wordpress at first too but once I got it figured out, it was much better. I like being able to have "pages" and it keeps really detailed stats for your blog. I like the layouts better too.

    Good luck :)

  7. Yum! That salad looks great! We don't have a Pita Pan, but we have a Pita Pit. I've only been there once, I think, but I don't know if they have salads. They should!

    I have never tried that other Kashi cereal you mentioned, but if I see it on sale I'll grab some! )you mentioned it on my blog..)

    Good luck with the switch!

  8. I have been playing with Wordpress all morning and I like all the features but I what I really love is the Live Writer! but I get to use it with blogger too!!!!! I am torn lol


  9. I love, love, love fruit in my salad- yours look so good! I feel gross when I eat poorly so it makes me want to take a nap. You'll be all over it soon! Fight back, girl!

  10. pita pan sounds so good!! sound a lot like pita pit..which i love!

  11. Awe Good luck with your wordpress stuff. Im so computer illiterate.. i will stick with blogger too. maybe one day I will swtich. haha

  12. I recently switched over from blogger about a month ago. I like wordpress mainly because it allows me to customize the look of my site and add additonal add-on pages. But I feel you, technology can be so frustrating!

  13. Hi hon,

    I have no clue what you're talking about as far as blogger vs. word press so I'll just say this: don't leave here without giving me warning! YOU inspire me to be better!!

    I wish I had time to chit chat, but I don't. Being off the last few days has caused some "piles" to accrue. It doesn't help that my asst had to leave again because of another family emergency--but totally not her fault. I will hopefully see you tomorrow. Back to finish lunch (yes it's after 2pm here.....)

  14. yay, I didn't like wordpress either untill i switched to self-hosting through Godaddy and used a wordpress style through them. It's easy and understanable now.

  15. i'm a little biased towards wordpress... plus blogger sometimes decides for some reason it hates me and won't let me comment! which is no funnnn

  16. that is the main reason I want to switch...sometimes it is hard to comment on other blogger pages via my phone and I am worried others might have that problem with mine =(

  17. When you figure out wordpress, let me know! I'd love to move my blog over there!

  18. Girl you just put a smile on my face. I'm had a really bad afternoon and I'm trying to forget about it. It sucks. But love your light-heartedness. And love the food - I love raisins in and on everything - seriously I could eat them by the pound. And cereal is killer - in a good way ;) Thanks for that 'recipes'. Oh and agree about the working out - I know people say that they work out right away the next day after a 'binge' or whatever, but honestly it just makes me not want to do anything - haha - good to know there is other like me :)

  19. Yoga makes everything better, I'm convinced ;-)

  20. Oh come on! Wordpress is SO much better...honestly, you just need to get used to it. It only takes a few days, and then you never wanna go back! Blogger seriously SUCKS. Plus, if you ever want your own domain someday, wordpress is great for that.
    Also don't you want to spy on your readers? lol! And make it easier for us to comment...pleaSE!!!

  21. I am a blogger girl all the way! Mostly because I am a creature of habit. And I don't like change.

    That pasta looks amazing!

    I feel the exact same way as you about food. Time to get healthy!

  22. Mari- Setting up my blog as self-hosted using wordpress was a HUGE challenge. I don't even remember how I got my little blog all set up. It still needs some work, but there's something satisfying about having done it all myself.

    Its totally worth all the hard work (although I never used blogger). Good Luck!

  23. Welcome back to Blogger! I can't believe you only took TWO onion rings from your co-worker ... I would've grabbed a handful .. then offered to clean her desk for a week, just to be nice :)

  24. boo mari! :P I moved and you didn't...rats!


    can't wait until we hang out again and EAT!!! ;)

    where to next? I say sushi or italian!


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