Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Montezuma = Monte Zu NO!

The other day I wanted to try a new restaurant that just opened up in my neighborhood but as usual I was nervous about trying a new place. I Googled the restaurant and saw that they had another location which had mixed reviews…I was still nervous and tweeted about it lol and the consensus was to go for it and so I did…

I looked through the menu…


And decided to get the Shrimp Fajita…it was a bit expensive but I wanted to treat myself…

When I first called the restaurant, the lady told me that the delivery guy was out and would return in 1/2 an hour and to call back. I SHOULD have taken this as a sign and ordered Chinese food  instead but nope I waited…

The food finally arrived and the delivery guy didn’t have any change….shouldn't the FIRST RULE of Delivery people be “ALWAYS HAVE CHANGE!” He had to leave and come back…I was also pretty shocked that it came out to almost 30 bucks for one meal and a drink…

I first opened the rice and beans…and already knew that I would not like the rice…it had ZERO flavor. The Beans were also far from good…a can of refried beans would have been better than these.


I then took a bite of the Tortilla and it was STALE! I spit it out so fast!


2 for 2….

But the biggest FAIL was the Shrimp Fajita! I thought a Shrimp Fajita meal would be GRILLED Shrimp with Onions and Peppers….but NOPE! Instead it was Shrimp smothered in Fatty DISGUSTING cheese and some sort of red sauce!


I then tried the Guacamole and it was another epic failure


But wait it gets better…they charged me 7 DOLLARS for a Virgin PiƱa Colada and it was the size of a side cup.


This was the worse meal I have ever had!


If you live in NY and someone suggests going to Montezuma, delete them from your phonebook because they are trying to poison you!

I was going to call them and complain but instead I am going to email them and send them a link to this post.

I hope they didn’t sign a long term lease because I do not see this place lasting more than a couple months…

The next time I am craving Mexican, I am going to hop on the train and go to my beloved 5 Burros!

I ended up tossing the whole meal out and literally running it downstairs because I did NOT want the Stench in my apartment!

Will I order from this place again….hmmmm



The next time I want to waste 30 dollars I will make paper airplanes out of it and throw it out my window…



  1. Yay for posting again!!!

    I can't believe how crappy and EXPENSIVE that place was. When I get to New York take me to 5 Burros instead. Fajitas smothered in cheese? What the heck??!

  2. omg epic fail indeed! fajitas do not look like that! i think the "fake" mexican place on Metro is better and they arent even mexican! LOL
    if you want to waste $30 lets waste it on a spin class at Flywheel!

  3. ahh that sucks abut the foodie fail!!!! that sounds TERRIBLE! you def need a good meal to make up for it :) :)

  4. Ew that food looks nasty! And 30 bucks?? WTF!! I will never order from there!!

  5. That is so expensive for ordering in. I can't believe it was so horrible!!! Better luck on the next new place you try. =)

  6. Oh and I agree with Mo!!!!

  7. "If you live in NY and someone suggests going to Montezuma, delete them from your phonebook because they are trying to poison you!"

    This part made me spit out my water. This place sounds like crap. Now hurry up and come to California for some real Mexican food :)

  8. Ugh, don't you hate that? What a bummer. Any mexican food has potential and this highly disappointed. BUM-MER!

  9. urgh...sorry for pushing you to try it! What a rip-off...$30?! Nutso. Though that shrimp looks good to me. What can I say? I like ma cheese. Never heard of fajitas covered in cheese though! That looks like a tortilla-less quasadilla!

  10. Oh babe I'm so sorry that it sucked! They are going on my hate list.

  11. Yikes. A bad meal is such a bummer. I think you should find some amazing Mex and head there now to recover from this!

  12. Oh no! You HAVE to write a review on yelp.com! Great review of el ca ca

  13. I saw this on your Twitter, and now I see what you mean. Those shrimp fajitas look sickening!!

  14. lol, MONTEZUMA?!?! What kind of a name is that? I mean, it screams DON'T EAT HERE! Don't you think?? And you're right, what delivery guy doesn't have change? That should be illegal and I BET he was lying. Jerk.

  15. OMG $30 for all of that?? That's ridiculous! And it actually looks gross from the picture too. Why would there be melted cheese on fajitas? The guac looks so boring. I hope they try and make it up to you :)

  16. I will look at the pictures in this post if ever I need to curb my appetite. Holy frickin', disgusting looking food. And for $30? I think they're aptly named Montezuma for a reason, because a one-way trip to the bano is guaranteed after eating that mess. So happy that you survived this 'near death' experience. Thanks for heads up :)

  17. Oh my gosh-that's insane!! I can't believe how expensive it was for such a disappointing meal!

  18. ohh man so so so sorry about that epic fail of a meal! was there even shrimp in that cheese thing?!?! I mean raelly! to be honest I HATE delivery food, it never tastes like it does in the restuarant AND in the restaurant you can see what others are eating, and if you get a bad vibe, walk out!

    love that you ripped up the menu hahaha

  19. Ooo I HATE when that happens!! I'm glad u posted abt them ... saving others from being hugely disappointed!! My god that food looked completely BLECH :p I'd be pretty cranky after an episode like that!

  20. Sorry to hear it sucked that bad. I would have been mad too if my shrimp showed up swimming in cheese. Thank you for warning anyone else that may give this grease ball a try.

  21. So sorry! A bad meal can totally ruin the night!!

  22. Dang what a rip off! I definitely think you need to let 'em have it. Those prices are ridiculous, especially for crappy food. And terrible delivery service too! Sorry girl. But at least you know now? ;-)


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