Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sneak It In

Hello loves!!!! I hope everyone is having a great day!! My day has been pretty hectic but I enjoyed it =)
My plan was to start today with a run but I had a rough night and had zero urge to head out in the rain for a run so I took the morning off and decided to sneak it in later in the day.
Today, I had to meet two new clients at the gym right before lunch time and then had to return later in the afternoon so I decided to leave my things there and just run home for lunch and head back later in the afternoon for my shift and it worked out great!
I was planning to do day 2 of week 5 of E10K today but it turns out that I only live 3 miles away from the gym and I was in such a rush to eat lunch, shower, and leave again that I just skipped the last 9 minutes of running. (and I am OKAY with it lol)
This is what it looked like…lap one includes the 5 minute warmup
E10K W5 D2_thumb[3]
After my run, I took a shower and then made a quick lunch…Egg Whites with Spinach, Onions, 2% Cheddar, Reduced Fat Parm, Garlic, and whole lot of ketchup!
I then headed back to work for another 5 hours…”cawfee” is my new best friend!
And as I am writing this, I am enjoying my din din, which is 1% cottage cheese, chocolate light muscle milk, 1/2 a cooked banana (I like warming it up on the stovetop so that the pb melts on top of it), and Peanut Butter
They switched my shift YET again at the gym so now I have to get used to my new hours…AGAIN. I was just getting into my routine and now I have to accustom myself all over again.
Do you work somewhere, where your schedule is never the same? how do you deal with the changes???

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