Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No Zen at Yoga.....

Ugh I had the longest post EVER and by mistake I lost it UGGGGH, take two....

Happy Hump day! I hope everyone had a great day ayer...the rest of my day was pretty good for the most part. My mom and I ended up having sushi for lunch

I had 3 Godzilla pieces which were AMAZING, 2 california pieces, and 3 liki 4's which is just like a spicy tuna but instead of tuna it is crab meat and shrimp YUMS. No one touched that black thing lol

I was going to go for a walk after work but it was still pretty cold so instead I met my sister and niece at Panera Bread for an early dinner before the yoga class. I really love the food at Panera Bread, everything taste so fresh and delicious. I had half the turkey artichoke sandwich and a french onion soup with no cheese or croutons

Now to why Yoga was not so "zenful"...ever since Lil lady (my nick name for her, you will hear it quite often) started kindergarten she has somehow morphed into this little girl that we are all getting used to. Now don't get me wrong, she is still a sweet polite child but sometime this other lil girl pops out and we are like ewww go away. I think it is my fault though because when she was a baby I told my sister that I hoped she had MY attitude and CRAP she does! So anyways the whole entire time we were there my sister had the "mother" face, I am sure you are all aware of the "look"...the look that made you dread that car ride home because you knew once you got home all hell was going to break loose lol. Now even though the face was NOT directed to me, it still was sort of unnerving. Remember this is my yoga studio too and everyone there knows me, AND here is my sister and niece recreating an 90's ABC sitcom..I tried to zone out and listen to my itouch but to no avail, oh well...what can you do lol family IS family =)

After I dropped them off, I did some core routines while I watched Biggest Losers (one of my fave show, except last season...I think it sucked B*lls).

Ohh I wanted to show ya'll my home gym so you could see what I am working with. All I need now is a HUGE muscle man to stand guard in front of my fridge and cabinets and kick me everytime I do some endless snacking

Which bring me to today...this morning my am workout was "No More Trouble Zones'' dvd (Yup another Jillian) I burned 387 calories in 55 minutes which is not bad at all since it was a toning dvd and not cardio. I am planning to go to the gym after work and do the circuit for about 30 minutes.

Now to my food....My post workout was Activia ff yogurt....

Breakfast was 1% cottage cheese mixed with splenda and pumpkin spice, grapes and strawberries, and as always coffee with ff milk and splenda.

Later of if I get hungry, I have a Dole pineapple cup (I pour the juice out) and some raw almonds

I am hoping that I stay on track today since my weigh in is on Friday and I try to drop at least 1lb a week ((((fingers crossed)))))

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