Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sometimes A Girl Wants A Burger…

Hey Loves! I hope everyone is having a fabulous day =) Thankfully the sun is shining but unfortunately it is still pretty icy out there =/ so pleeeeease drive with caution =)

Ayer for “Linner” I was Craving a burger like WOAH…I usually crave red meat or salty foods right before TOM and I had two choices…fight it or eat it and enjoy every bite of it…After careful consideration…Cheeseburger with French Fries and Onion Rings with Melted Cheese! And guess what?!?!?! I enjoyed it profusely! I have zero guilt for eating this! Z E R O!


Later on in the day, I snacked on two of these…


I obviously didn’t feel like working out after that meal but I managed to do some Kettlebell moves while I watched “he’s just not that into you” and burned 252 Calories in 35 minutes.


This morning I was planning to do all 3 levels of 30 Day Shred but I woke up with cramps etc so I only did level 3 and 2 and burned 529 Calories.

For breakfast I had Honey Oikos Yogurt with a Banana and PB and my usual cafe con leche…


Lent begins

One of my favorite things about Lent is this commercial!

I seriously love this commercial! I love dancing and singing along with it lol. Usually I give up Fast Food for Lent and miss out on this kick ass deal, 2 filet-o-fish sammies for 3 bucks! BUT this year I am giving up meat and Protein Cookie Dough instead so I will be taking advantage of this special lol. don’t judge!

Have a great day! BTW have your (((((roared)))) today????



  1. Oh man I want that burger and fries yummm. Good luck with Lent! Can't imagine seeing no cookie dough on your blog from now on! Maybe I should start eating it!

  2. naughty Mari!
    we are on the same wave length with this crave monster. I need to kick my monsters ass!
    But you are still working out so thats good!
    My jamba oats were complete- no pb in jamba oats! LOL

  3. Filet o' fish how I love thee!!

    I crave HUGE diner burgers too, my goodness! But I have to have pickles and coleslaw. Wish I could come to queens one of these days so we can pig out.

  4. That burger, fries and onion rings looks so good! I have been craving onion rings!

    I am giving up diet soda and fast food. I don't eat fast food too often but it is a temptation since I'm always at school with no time to make myself dinner.

  5. BAHAHAHHA I'm on a computer quickly where I shouldn't be and writing finally!! Still reading! LOVE YOUR BURGERS....YES, BURGER, FRIES, ICE CREAM - BRING IT ON!!! :)

  6. Good luck with Lent!

  7. I've never had Filet o' fish, but I'm sure you aren't shocked. Oh lent- I have been thinking about giving up dessert, but I can't commit!

    Glad you enjoyed the burger guilt free! I might have some cookie dough in your honor :)

  8. Sometimes I just NEED a big juicy burger....I don't blame you one bit!

    Good luck with Lent :-)

  9. Ohhh man! Sometimes, a girl NEEDS a burger! That monster looks WONDERFUL!!!

  10. Ohhh man! Sometimes, a girl NEEDS a burger! That monster looks WONDERFUL!!!

  11. Oh, shoot... I really want a burger now. NY diners know what's up when it comes to burgers. Ridiculously delish.

    I just watched that commercial twice- AWESOME! Heh. Bookmarking this post :D I love the fillet-of-fish.

    Good luck with your no-cookie dough!

  12. Hahah I dunno about that commercial...but fish sandwiches always reminds me of the time when I was younger and my brother swallowed one of his baby teeth while eating a fish sandwich!

  13. PLease pass that burger and rings my way. Feel no guilt...I want some too.

  14. YUM!! that looks amazing, glad you enjoyed it with NO guilt :) it does look tastyyyyy

  15. I can't tell you the last time I had a burger and fries! Good luck with no protein cookie dough...

  16. I give you full credit for breaking your habit! You will do great because your mind is already set to it!


  17. LOVE THAT DINER MEAL!! go you!! i think you deserved every freakin bite!

  18. HEh heh heh! Sometimes a girl just needs her meat and grease, damn it! I need to make a trip to Burger King too!

  19. I had a farewell-to-meat burger before Lent started too! Mine had sweet potato fries, but I'm kind of lusting after your cheesy fries...

  20. That burger looks really good--now I want one! Thanks a lot ;)

    Have a great week!
    <3 jess

  21. Oh yes, when a girl wants a burger, she get a burger, STAT! Good luck with your Lent goals. I've been meat-free for 6 weeks and it's been an amazing experience so far. However your burger pic, made me bite my monitor.

  22. i was the same way today - i cooked a nice healthy dinner -salmon, sweet potatoes, broccoli - and my man called on his way home and asked if i wanted him to pick up burgers - i said YES but then told him dinner was on the table and we would do it another night - the salmon didn't taste near as good then!

  23. I love how you always sneak in some exercise! I also love how you gave into your craving and enjoyed it! If you have a craving for something you must, must have then go for it!

  24. The burger and fries look so amazing. I could go for that right about now (even though it's only 9:00 in the morning! lol) That commercial is going to be stuck in my head alllllll day!

  25. I can hardly believe my eyes Mari!! You just ate that greasy thing, and those greasy onion deep fried things, and they even heard the nerve to cover them in cheese. LOL!!!!!

    OMG I know so little about my sisters eating habits. Your even leading your followers astray with your sinful tales. YOU ARE THE DEVIL!! lol.


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