Monday, April 25, 2011

Training Program and Happy Birthday Mommy!!!

Hey loves! I hope everyone is having a great day. I am not usually a fan of Mondays but for some reason, I feel really good today. I feel like today is a fresh start as corny as that may sound.

This weekend was pretty good…It started with my mom’s birthday which was on Thursday. For her birthday din din, my mom wanted to go to Outback Steakhouse….

We started off with bread…P1040596

Seared Ahi TunaP1040608

And of course the Onion Bloom…I KNOW this is one of the worse things to eat but we don’t eat it every day and we split it amongst the table so I feel 0 guilt! =)P1040606

Lately, I have stopped ordering soda when I go to eat and ask for Sparkling Water instead…P1040597

For my main course, I ordered the I had the grilled Mahi with artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes,  green onions, and light lemon sauceP1040612

And a side of Green BeansP1040614

This was a really great meal….mostly because of the company!

My sister and homefries…P1040598

Me and my mommyP1040604


Ease Into 10K Week 7

Today I started week 7 and it consisted of 5 minute warm up, 15 minute run/1 minute walk 3X, and 5 minute cool down. Today was a tad hard and it was a combination of things…over indulging over the weekend on food….the humidity….and of course all the damn hills! Can you believe one of steepest hills is 177 feet (thanks to my gps, now I know this ha)

This is what my splits looked like…miles 2,3,4 were mostly in the park and 1 & 5 were to and from the park.

E10K W7 D1


Personal Training Update….I officially have 3 clients! and one of them already brought more sessions with me. Such a good feeling! =)

The only drawback would have to be having dinner at 10:30 at night on some evenings…

Todays din din was Egg whites with 2% Cheddar cheese, Mushrooms, Onions, with 1/2 a lemon potato….


Well I am off to tackle a mountain of pots and pans…ANOTHER drawback…having to do dishes when I finish cooking a late din din. Why can’t I be the girl who does not mind going to bed with dirty dishes???? I just hate the thought of having to wake up and see them there…such a crappy way to start the day (chaos is no bueno)

Random Pregunta of the day…Can you go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink?



  1. Aw, feliz cumpleanos mama namaste!

    I'm so proud of you for your training clients- you're really doing it girl!

  2. You can't go to Outback without getting the Awesome Blossom. That thing is so good even if it is bad for you.
    Congrats on your personal training. If I lived closer I would definitely love to have you as my personal trainer :)

  3. I wrote an entire PARAGRAPH and there was an error loading the comments... *sigh*
    - happy birthday to your mami

    - congrats on acquiring some clients! they are lucky to have you.

    - I have only been to outback ONCE. And if you can tolerate seared tuna (which is raw in the middle) perhaps you would like tuna sashimi. i double dog dare you.

    - i can leave a cup in the sink overnight. but never pots and pans. Have you considered making a meal on your day off and dividing it into one serving potions, freezing it and having a homemade frozen meal for those late nights??? I can assist in some recipes- i have been eating little to no meat these days.

  4. I cannot leave pots/pans in the sink overnight. I might leave a cup or a bowl, but that's about it. Doug is always leaving pans on the stovetop and plastic containers in the sink and it drives me insane!

  5. Happy birthday to your mom! Seems like you guys celebrated deliciously!

    Woot woot on your clients and on doing so awesomely with the training! I can't leave pots and pans in the sink either...the last thing I need is to wake up to a roach or something crawling around in there!

  6. uhhh yes I can go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink LOL *(is that bad?!) i love the pics of your family and happy birthday to your mom!
    I love pellegrino becuase its not AS bubbly as seltzer water and Its extra good with a squeeze of lemon or lime!

    thats amazing about your client base growing!!! keep it up girl!

  7. Happy birthday to your mom! Ahh craving outback now. That bread is crack! I love their seared tuna as well! When is our sushi date??!! And falafel lol.

  8. LOVEEE outback!! & happy bday to your madre!! :)

    CONGRATS on the clients!!!

  9. Oh my, that bloomin' onion looks amazing! You deserved it, and made such a great choice for dinner afterwards. It sounds like it was perfect.

    Congrats on having three clients. I know that feeling of pride, it's great!

    Dirty dishes before bed? No way. Like you, I want to wake up to a CLEAN kitchen to start my day.

  10. Happy birthday mom. God bless.....

  11. Hope your mom had a nice day! I don't know what it is about Outback's bread but it is absolutey magical.

    I cannot stand the thought of dishes in the sink while I sleep, it skeeves me out! And now I jjust remembered I have some sitting in there so I must go wash.....

  12. I go to bed every night with dirty dishes soaking in the sink. So yeah to your question! Haha!

    Happy birthday to your mom! And YAY to clients!!! They're lucky to have you and I'm jealous! Oh and yes, onion bloom is a necessity...

  13. Happy birthday to your mommy! I have a tough time going to bed with dishes in the sink. It's annoying!

  14. Happy Birthday to you mom! I can go to bed with dirty dishes, but because the kitchen is so small, it can't go more than a day. I clean most up from the cooking while the food is still in the oven or on the stove, and then the dishes sit on the counter. Then after work, I clean those, and then cook dinner, so all that we ever really have are 2 bowls or plates, the silverware, and wine glasses if we drank wine. I don't have a big sink, so they just get stacked on the ledge next to the sink.

  15. You know me, haha, obviously I can because I do it all the time ;-)

  16. Great idea ordering sparkling water instead of soda, I'm all over that idea!! I love Outback, but haven't been in a few years. I don't know what they do, but their house salad is the best salad I've ever had! Love it!!!
    Uh no, I can't go to bed with a dirty kitchen and I also can't cook a meal if the dishes from the prior meal aren't in the dishwasher.



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